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  • One night…
  • My friends and I decided to hit the city for dinner.
  • We decided to go to a nice restaurant so that we could dress up
  • All of us put on a cute outfit and accompanying heels
  • When we go there, parking was full
  • So we had to park far away, and walk a long distance in our heels
  • By the time we got there, each and everyone one of us complained about how much our feet hurt and that we wished that high heels were more comfortable.
  • That night got me thinking about how often girls wear heels and complain about them hurting. And from that day forward, I kept my eyes open for girls who struggled in their heels. Not too surprisingly, I found them every where.
  • From out shopping
  • To just wearing them to class as a fashion statement
  • To clubbing at night
  • And even during business events such as the career fair and interviews
  • All the girls had looks on their faces that wished shoes were more comfortable
  • There is the saying: beauty is pain. In this case, there are two types of pains involved with today’s high heels
  • First of all, there’s the obvious physical pain. After wearing our heels for an extended amount of time, we girls, experience great pain in our feet. I’m pretty sure all girls have experienced blisters on their feet, and they are no fun!
  • We also get cracked heels
  • The balls of our feet get tender from holding all our weight
  • And our arches hurt from having no arch support
  • Then there is the other pain, that is more emotional. Every time girls pick out an outfit, they often are indecisive if they should wear heels and look good, or forego the fashion, and just stick to being comfortable. This shouldn’t be the case. Shoes should be designed to be comfortable. That is why…
  • After observing this phenomenon, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a shoe company that prides itself in fashionable shoes, but at the same time can provide customers with some sole comforting.
  • My company will pair up with Dr. Scholl’s to create a shoe that meets the best of both worlds: being able to look and feel good. These heels will provide you to all the solutions to your pains: extra padding for the balls of your feet, arch support, and softer material that won’t cause blisters on your heels. This in turn should solve your internal pain of forgoing the perfect shoes for your outfit. Finally, beauty can be painless! We will create shoes that are:
  • Fashionable, and up to date with trends.
  • This includes being high fashioned
  • Comfy! Finally, your feet will no longer have to suffer.
  • It’ll feel as if you’re walking on clouds
  • And most important, head turning.
  • People will look at you in amazement, seeing your trendy shoes and air of confidence while wearing them. Everyone will want to know your secret!
  • So this is for all the ladies with a passion for fashion and a conflicting love for comfort. Your dreams can finally be answered with ILY shoes which will provide you and your feet with some sole comforting!
  • ILY: “Beauty is painless”
  • Ily shoe presentation

    1. 1. “Beauty is painless”Presented On March 5th, 2012 To Jerry Cohn By: Emily Yao
    2. 2. FULL
    3. 3. Hmmm…
    4. 4. SHOPPING
    5. 5. FASHION
    6. 6. CLUBBING
    7. 7. BUSINESS
    8. 8. I wish myshoes were morecomfortable
    9. 9. PAINS
    10. 10. Heels
    11. 11. BallOfFoot
    12. 12. Arch
    13. 13. What will others think?
    14. 14. +
    15. 15. FASHIONABLE
    16. 16. COMFY
    17. 17. HEADTURNING
    18. 18. “Beauty is painless”