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Presnetation on school mag

  1. 1. Evaluation of prelimary task-School magazine By Emily wise
  2. 2. Evaluation questions1) How have you used convections of real texts in your production? 2) How have you targeted your audience?3) How have you employed a range of representations in your product? 4)How have you employed technical skills in your productions?
  3. 3. 1) How have you used convections of real texts in your production? My school magazine Celebrity magazine Strapline. This is used for the reader to get a quick idea of what’s inside without having to turn a page or read any further information. Main image. They are both located in the center to draw instant attraction to the audience/reader. MainVibrant colours. selling point.These are usefuland they draw Fillers. These give you extrathe attention of information and little summaryreader, and make of articles that will be involvedthe magazine in the magazine.stand out of shelfmore incomparison toother magazines.
  4. 4. 1) How have you used convections of real texts in your production? Headline. The headline of ‘contents’ is separated away from the magazine. Both magazines use a black base to the contents, with white writing. This makes the word ‘Contents’ stand out considerable amount in comparison to the rest of the text. Images. Both magazines use small images, these lightened the page, and add more exciting visual content. Both magazines don’t Logos. Both magazines have their logo located in either the left hand have a main image, they small side or the right hand side of the magazine, this is due to the readers images instead. This helps to widen eye tends to read from top to bottom. So this way the logo will the topics covered. And each image prominently be noticed by the reader. locates to a certain topic that will be covered at some point within Colour schemes. Both magazines have choose to use a constant the magazine. colour scheme, that occurs as a current theme throughout the page. Both magazines use vibrant and bold colours, this is to attract in the readers attention.
  5. 5. 1) How have you used convections of real texts in your production? My final school magazine does not include all the convections of a real text magazine, how ever it does include a variety of them. A convection I did adapt and use in mine was the main image, which is placed more central so that it takes the focus of the magazine. On music magazines the main image is always on the left hand side which is due to when being sold in shops on the shelf, the left hand side is prominently being showed. . I also used the convention of a mast head. I placed my mast head at the top left hand side of the magazine, it almost stretches to the right hand side. Just like in music magazines they use a bold and noticeable colour. The reason is to draw in the readers attention. I used the idea of having a white font on a black background. This is due to them being opposing colours, and are the two most noticeable clouds when layered on top of each other.
  6. 6. 1) How have you used convections of real texts in your production?Another way my magazine follows the conventions of a real text magazine is, I tried to useappealing colours to make the magazine more attracting and eye catching towards thereader. I used the colours black and white and red for as I thought they complementedeach other effectivley. I did research into which colours draw attention of the human eyeand the researched showed me that these the colours, so I decided to use them as aconstant colour scheme.Some conventions that are used in real text magazines, were not necessary to use in thisschool magazine for example; Price tags. Due to the audience being schools and parents,they would not be willing to pay for this magazine, and it would not be necessary tocharge a price.
  7. 7. 2) How have you targeted your audience?My magazine has a target audience like envy other magazine. My schoolmagazine audience is children and parents of the school also for staff and carersof the pupils. This is because it is a school magazine produced for the school itself.I attracted my audience through colour and layout. The layout of the magazinecan make a big effect on how the audience would see the magazine for example ifthe magazine looks for the organized and easy to read the audience is more likelyto read it. Even if it’s the front cover, this also includes colour. By using ainteresting colour palette for the magazine it helps attract the audience. For mymagazine I used a colour palette that covers all ages.
  8. 8. 2) How have you targeted your audience?When I was designing my front cover I also took into consideration whether Iwas on going to do the page on a majority of images or text or a balancedmixture of both. I choose I wanted to make it a more interesting visualdisplay, so I cut the text down and limited my words. This drew the mainfocus on to the images. When I did my research it showed me that childrenprefer more of a image based magazine. I used this information and suited itto the childrens opinions, so that it will encourage the students to read themagazine and parents maybe.I also took into consideration what they would prefer, images, text or both.The majority of the students said images and then both, so I used moreimages than text, this will encourage the students to read the magazine, andmaybe also the parents. I used the majority of space on graphics. There is aclose up shot of a student and the lighting is also focused on their face. Thishas the effect of making them have no shadows and have the main focus.This also adds to the tone of serious and sophistication, which will attract inthe parents.
  9. 9. 3) How have you employed a rangeof representations in your product?
  10. 10. 4)How have you employed technical skills in your productions? To accomplish the production of my school magazine and the final piece, I used two specific softwares of technology and skills. I started of by editing and cutting my original images in Photoshop. I used a variety of effects such as sharpening the image and using a subtle exposure to lighten up the face a fraction more. Photoshop creates a sophisticated and professional touch towards the images which attracted the audience more. Photoshop wasn’t too complex to use once you got used to it. I watched some tutorials via the internet to help me establish a few things that I was unsure of. I learnt many useful things from this software about editing and making the image appear more professional.
  11. 11. 4)How have you employed technical skills in your productions? The second piece of software that I choose to use was InDesign. I had never used this software before, and I found it very difficult and confusing to get used to. It is a lot more complex in comparison to Photoshop, but it was very useful when it came to organising the layout, and for creating layers. The layers helped organise the placement of the images and texts and made it appear in a more sophisticated layout. When It came to extracting files this is where I had great difficulty and I ended up saving them as a JPEG file, which became very tedious and a long Using different colours for the layers organises the product better