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Gatorade emily tschirhart


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Gatorade consumer engagement brief

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Gatorade emily tschirhart

  1. 1. Gatorade emily tschirhart
  2. 2. getting to know Gatorade • flavored sports drink • division of pepsi • mission: enable athletes to perform at their peak
  3. 3. consumer engagement • reach out to consumers • encourage response • engage consumer activity through social media outlets
  4. 4. building off current social media... • Facebook community is increasingly strong
  5. 5. re-focus Twitter • good tweet “How does a regular guy compare to an athlete like Dwight Howard? ESPN hits the Gatorade Performance Lab to find out.” • bad tweet “@MichaelBlight Wow! That's quite the stack of paper!”
  6. 6. video blogging • utilize athletes sponsored by gatorade • blogger outreach
  7. 7. get inside user forums • reach out to forums Gatorade is discussed in • found in topics of: sports, healthy diet or athletic training
  8. 8. the competition • competition for best user- generated video • connect with the regular joe • Google AdWords for locations Gatorade is found
  9. 9. measuring success • build a new website for video submissions • google analytics, user uploads, #hashtags
  10. 10. timeline • February- month of solid promotion • March- video submission begins • April 1- submission deadline • April 7- top 10 videos featured • April 14- judging commences
  11. 11. budget• Twitter- no cost • video blog w/ athletes- no cost • user forum monitoring- no cost • AdWords- $5 bid a day for each word (approx. $1500) • new website- $3000 • day with athlete- flight, activity, free apparel & products, accommodations