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Alfred hitchcock


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Published in: Education
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Alfred hitchcock

  1. 1. Alfred Hitchcock – Film Director and Producer.
  2. 2. Personal Information: Alfred Hitchcock was born on 13th August 1899 and died on 29th April 1980. He has a child called Patricia Hitchcock. He was a Roman Catholic. Hitchcock was an American film director and film producer, mostly or films in the Thriller genre, particularly Psychological Thrillers. Alfred was often nicknamed ‘Hitch” or even ‘The Master of Suspense’, this was because he was well known for the techniques he used during making a film to develop suspense for his audience and add to the drama.
  3. 3. Films he is famous for: • Rebecca • Shadow of a doubt • The lady vanishes • Trouble with Harry • Rope • The 39 steps • Vertigo • Rear window • Psycho • North by northwest
  4. 4. Style of Working: • Writing – writing the script, choosing the plot and order of events. • Storyboards and productions – planning out scenes of the film and choosing body language and acting. • Approach to actors – choosing the actors fit for the role and helping them learn script/rehearse.