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EMILY’s List Reveals First Round Of Research into Critical 2012 Voting Bloc:
Independent Women Voters

Battleground State Women Voters Reveal Image Of An Out-Of-Touch Washington
Solution Is New Leadership That Looks A Lot Like EMILY’s List Women

EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, today announced new research into moderate, independent women voters in battleground states.

EMILY’s List has spent over a decade researching women voters – regularly conducting polls, surveys, and other analysis of segments of the women’s electorate. The 2012 election cycle has been rightfully identified as turning on the votes of women, and EMILY’s List is focused on what motivates this key section of the electorate.

This election cycle, EMILY’s List is researching moderate, independent, non-college educated women. Today’s findings are the first round of that work, the results of targeted on-line focus group discussions. These women feel Washington is out of touch with their lives. They believe Congress is broken, ineffective, mired in obstructive partisanship – and the images they attached to that were largely male. They’re incensed at the intrusion on women’s health and believe the wrong issues are being prioritized.

“Women know that the Republicans in Congress just don’t get it,” said Schriock. “They want to be talking about jobs, not birth control. The women EMILY’s List spoke to are clear about what they want. When they talk about new leadership, they’re talking about collaborators who understand their lives. And their descriptions line up strikingly with the candidates EMILY’s List is supporting this year.”

The women studied were asked to provide images they felt reflected Congress. Their submissions include sloths, misers, and cartoons featuring older men.

EMILY’s List asked which qualities these women seek in their Congressional Representatives. The descriptions they provided line up with the Democratic women running for office this year: “collaborative,” “listeners,” “humanitarians,” “show our children it’s not just a man’s world,” “relatable.”

In the 2009-2010 cycle, EMILY’s List raised more than $38.5 million to support its mission of recruiting and supporting women candidates, helping them build strong campaigns, and mobilizing women voters to turn out and vote. With a community of more than 900,000 members across the country, EMILY’s List is one of the largest political action committees in the nation. Since its founding in 1985, EMILY’s List has worked to elect 87 pro-choice Democratic women to the U.S. House, 16 to the U.S. Senate, nine governors, and hundreds of women to the state legislatures, state constitutional offices, and other key local offices. In the 2009-2010 cycle, EMILY’s List had the largest number of members and donors in our 25 year history.

For more information on EMILY’s List, please visit www.em

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  • Tammy Baldwin Tammy Baldwin would be the first woman to represent Wisconsin in the Senate. Baldwin was the first woman from Wisconsin to serve in the US House. Shelley BerkleyShelley Berkley would be the first woman to represent Nevada in the Senate. Berkley was the first woman to represent her district in congress.  Susan BysiewiczSusan Bysiewicz would be the first woman to represent Connecticut in the Senate.  MazieHironoMazieHirono would be the first woman to represent Hawai’i in the Senate. Hirono would also be the first female Asian-American Senator. Hirono would be only the second woman of color to serve in the Senate. Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren would be the first woman to represent Massachusetts in the Senate.  
  • EMILY's List: Women's Monitor 2012

    1. 1. WOMEN’S HISTORIC YEAR: 2012 EMILY’S LIST JUNE 13, 2012
    2. 2. EMILY’s List Endorsed Candidates OH-03: Joyce Beatty OH-07: Joyce Healy-Abrams IL-08: Tammy Duckworth IA-04: Christie Vilsack OH-10: Sharen Neuhardt WA-SEN: Maria Cantwell WI-SEN: Tammy Baldwin IL-17: Cheri Bustos OH-16: Betty Sutton WI-02: Kelda Roys MN-SEN: Amy Klobuchar MN-08: Tarryl Clark NH-GOV: Maggie Hassan MI-SEN: Debbie Stabenow NH-01: Carol Shea-Porter WA ME NH-02: Ann McLane Kuster MT NDCA-SEN: Dianne Feinstein V N MA-SEN: Elizabeth Warren OR MN NH T N MA H CA-24: Lois Capps ID NY SD WI RI CA-26: Julia Brownley WY MI CT CT-SEN: Susan Bysiewicz PA CA-35: Gloria Negrete IA NJ CT-05: Elizabeth Esty NE McLeod NV IN OH DE IL UT NJ-03: Shelley Adler CA CO WV MD KS VA MO KY NY-SEN: Kirsten Gillibrand NC TN NY-06: Grace Meng AZ NM OK AR SC NY-25: Louise Slaughter NV-SEN: Shelley Berkley GA MS AL NY-27: Kathy Hochul NV-01: Dina Titus TX LA PA-08: Kathy Boockvar AZ-01: Ann Kirkpatrick FL AZ-09: Kyrsten Sinema FL-10: Val Demings FL-13: Jessica Ehrlich NM-01: Michelle Lujan Grisham FL-22: Lois Frankel MO-SEN: Claire McCaskill HI-SEN: Mazie Hirono MO-04: Teresa Hensley FL-26: Gloria Romero Roses HI-02: Tulsi Gabbard Recommended Candidates On the List Candidates
    3. 3. EMILY’S LIST WOMEN MAKING HISTORY A Year of Historic FIRSTS in Senate races Every Senate challenger we have endorsed would be the first woman to represent their state in the Senate. Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (WI) Congresswoman Shelley Berkley Congresswoman Mazie Hirono (HI) If elected, Mazie Hirono will be the only woman of color in the Senate Susan Bysiewicz (CT) Elizabeth Warren (MA)
    4. 4. SENATE INCUMBENTS Senator Maria Cantwell Senator Dianne Feinstein Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Senator Amy KlobucharLatest polls give her a consistent 15 Cook reports holds California Latest polls give her a 30 point Rothenberg report calls point lead over her opponent. Senate Seat as a “Solid D“ lead or more over all potential Klobuchar a “Safe Democrat” [Real Clear Politics, 2/16-2/19] [Cook Report, 5/31/12] Republican candidates [Rothenberg Report, [Real Clear Politics 6/3 - 6/6] 5/18/2012] Senator Claire McCaskill Senator Debbie McCaskill reports her biggest Stabenow fundraising quarter yet with Latest polls show her with a $2,298,463 raised in Q1! sixteen point lead over extreme [The Washington Post, 4/16/12] Bush-era republican [Real Clear Politics, 5/24 - 5/27]
    5. 5. EMILY’S LIST WOMEN MAKING HISTORY Breaking NEW GROUND in House Races9 Women Would Be the Christie Vilsack Would Be The FirstFirst To Represent Their Woman To Represent Iowa in Districts Congress Shelley Adler (NJ-03)Kathy Boockvar (PA-08) Michelle Lujan Grisham Julia Brownley (CA-26) (NM-01) and Elizabeth Cheri Bustos (IL-17) Esty (CT-05) Would Be the First Democratic Women Tammy Duckworth (CT-05) Elizabeth Esty (IL-08) Tarryl Clark (MN-08) to Represent Their and Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02) Val Demings (FL-10) Districts Would Be the First Women Lois Frankel (FL-22) With Combat ExperienceAnn McLane Kuster (NH- in Congress 02) Grace Meng (NY-06)
    6. 6. Women Voters in the Headlines How Republicans, Democrats are vying to win women‘s votes – PBS Battle for female voters heats up – Fox News For Senate Democrats, Vote Revolves Around Women – The New York Times Republicans have lost women, but Obama still needs to win them. – Huffington PostChallenges facing Romney in wooing women voters – AP
    7. 7. EMILY‘S LIST2012 WOMEN‘S MONITORReport on Phase I of Research: OnlineFocus Groups
    8. 8. Methodology8  Two online focus group discussions conducted Marcy 27-April 6, 2012, among women voters across battleground states: Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada and Wisconsin.  Statewide recruitment except in New Hampshire (NH-01 only) and New Mexico (NM-01 only).  Participants screened to be registered, likely November 2012 voters. Also screened to be moderate, blue- or pink-collar, non-evangelical Independent women—all of whom were undecided on the November, 2012 Presidential and key federal races.  Group one was conducted among younger women (ages 21-39); group two was conducted among older voters (ages 40-60).  Because this is qualitative data, it is not statistically representative of the electorate, and cannot be projected onto the electorate as a whole.
    9. 9. Key Findings9 1. These women feel let down and left behind by our nation‘s leaders. In their view, DC is broken—overly partisan, lacking compromise, self-interested and out of touch. 2. The words and images they attached to this broken system were gendered male. 3. These women also reject key elements of the Republican agenda. 4. What they want instead are collaborators who understand the real struggles they face, and will work together to address those problems. What they describe mirrors the experience and traits that EMILY‘s List-supported candidates bring to the table.
    10. 10. 10 The Problem With D.C.
    11. 11. 11
    12. 12. Participant-Found Images Representing Their Views of Our Nation‘s Leaders12 When you think of our nation‘s leaders—specifically the people in Congress and the US Senate—what is the first image that comes to mind? #1: The Lazy Sloth
    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. Participant-Found Images Representing Their Views of Our Nation‘s Leaders14 #2: Partisan bickering & gridlock
    15. 15. The Language These Women Voters Use to Describe Our Nation‘s Leaders Was Clearly Gendered Male15 ―A bunch of old men with their arms crossed and grouchy ―A bunch of looks on their faces.‖ silver haired mostly guys.‖ #3: White Men ―I picture old, white, and male. Yes, I know ―Men trying to run there are exceptions, everyone‘s lives but this is the prevailing the way that they ‗type‘ that runs our feel it should be.‖ country, and has since the beginning of time.‖
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17. 17
    18. 18. 18
    19. 19. 19
    20. 20. Strong Reactions Against Key Elements20 of the GOP Agenda and Record
    21. 21. Republicans in Congress Proposed Reductions in Medicare and Medicaid Benefits for Seniors21 Reactions… “How in the ―We cant take away the hell do they benefits the elderly need. Its sleep at night?” not a luxury, its a need.” ―Its bullshit. Those poor elderly people worked their lives and planned on having Medicare. They were promised it. The government ―It makes me shouldnt rob these entitlement sick to think they programs that people pay into all would do this!‖ their adult lives.‖ ―Our seniors took ―Good Lord! These are the care of us. WE have people that worked so hard for an obligation to their benefits and this is what ―This is really big and take care of them, they get in return!‖ important to me…it would not toss them to really hurt people.‖ the wayside!”
    22. 22. Republicans in Congress Fought Against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act22 Reactions… ―Why would any decent human being fight against this?‖ “Equal qualifications deserve equal pay!” “Dumb, dumb, dumb!! ―Why would they ever Women should get paid vote against this act?‖ “How is this even the same as men for their still an issue?” skills & talents!‖ ―What is the this the stone ―Personally that angers me that I age? Please! Women are just can be doing the exact same job as effective if not more so at as my male counterpart and get their jobs then men and should paid less than him!!??!!‖ be justly compensated!‖
    23. 23. Congress‘ Actions Limiting Women‘s Healthcare and Access to Birth Control23 Reactions… ―This makes me sick that someone ―Whether or not thinks that our government should be able you are pro- to tell me what I can or cannot do with my choice or pro- body, especially if it has anything to do life, its your with my health. That is my decision, what choice, not a happens to my body.‖ politician’s.‖ ―I think its ridiculous in 2012 we are still discussing a womens right [Republicans] “spend too much to choose. It is 2012!!!‖ time worrying about things like birth control, abortion rights, and gay marriage.‖ ―I am disgusted that men think they should ―It is another politician acting like even be a part of the women are not intelligent enough to discussion about what make their own decisions and that woman can or cannot the government should make do to their bodies.‖ personal decisions for all women.‖
    24. 24. 24 What These Women Want Instead…
    25. 25. The Qualities These Voters Seek in Their Congressional Representatives Have a Distinctly Feminine Bent25 Collaborative Genuinely Listeners Care Relatable Equality Women in Human the U.S. Balance touch Senate and Congress Show our Understand children it is not just a man‘s world Humanitarians Nurturing Smaller Egos
    26. 26. What Congress Would Be Like, in Their View, if More Women Like Them Were in Office26  ―Women in general, have a negotiating style that is much more collaborative and less combative, which I think would be more effective…‖  ―If there were more women like me in congress there would be a lot less shady business going on. A lot more compromising.‖  ―…We would understand people‘s hardships. I think more people would relate to us.‖  ―The little people would be heard, not overlooked.‖  ―I think women would listen more and genuinely care.‖  ―I think there would be more collaboration, more diplomacy, less war, less greed.‖  ―Men have been running this country long enough and look where we are.‖  ―I think that we need women in the US senate and congress right now to help balance the opinions of issues.‖
    27. 27. The Good People in Their Lives Are What Keep These Women Going— Children, Friends, Partners, and Those Who Give Back to the Community27 Children Friends Faith What makes you feel Good stories optimistic or Partner or in the news better about Love Life life these days? “Good people” are Improving defined as people who Mark for Economy give back to their future generations Good community—everyday people Exercise trying to heroes like teachers, do good nurses, firefighters, things veterans and community volunteers.
    28. 28. How EMILY‘s List Is Already Making a28 Difference…
    29. 29. EMILY‘s List Endorsed Candidates Bring the Experience and Characteristics That These Women Voters Want29 Tammy Duckworth, Veteran Maggie Hassan, Advocate Lois Capps, Nurse for Disabled ChildrenKyrsten Sinema, Social Worker Val Demings, Police Chief Tulsi Gabbard, Veteran
    30. 30. 30
    31. 31. Real Supporters in Their Words31
    32. 32. 32
    33. 33. 33
    34. 34. 34
    35. 35. Reach Voters Where They Are: Multiple Channels35
    36. 36. WOMEN VOTE in 2012 persuading and mobilizing independent women voters in key states36 The WOMEN VOTE! formula: -Coalition Building -Research -Polling -Targeting -Voter Contact
    37. 37. Questions?37