Task 8 target audience magazines


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Task 8 target audience magazines

  1. 1. Task 8: Target Audience What is the target audience for your magazine? Have you created a target audience portfolio?
  2. 2. • Vortex Creative are looking for their Next Young apprentice • They are looking for someone with creative skills • Knows their target audience • Can sell their magazines • Excellent organisation skills
  3. 3. Target AudienceAge range I can tell that 24-35 Year Olds would buy this magazine because there is a picture of a women on the front cover around that age.Gender I cane tell this magazine will attract females as there is a woman on the front cover. There are many stories on the front cover about style, fashion, dieting and make up which is what females stereotypically are interested in.Nationality I can tell that the consumer lives in UK, USA or India as the(where are language is in English.they live)Race (their I can see the magazine is for Asian women as the mastheadheritage) is called ‘Asiana’ and the woman in the front cover is Asian.Interests The article on the magazine are about; style, fashion, hair, make-up, marriage, dieting, celebrity interviews, children, men, career and money, these would be the interests of the reader.Job/Student The person who would buy this magazine, will most likely be a working women in a high paid job. This is because the magazine is expensive at, £4.50. Also there is a article about career and babies. There are also pound signs £££s which shows that the reader earns and cares about money.
  4. 4. Target AudienceAge range The age range could be between 10-17 because it look quite young and girly and write in slangGender You can tell the gender is girls because it is very girly and is very colourfulNationality (where They could be from the UK or the USA because its all in English andare they live) the cover girl is AmericanRace (their heritage) The race could be black because the cover girl is coloured.Interests You can tell there interests are fashion and gossip because that is what this magazine is aboutJob/Student This magazine look young and you would never see a business woman reading it
  5. 5. Target AudienceAge range The age range would be between 13-18 because it says ‘teen’ on it and it look quite youngGender The gender could be girls because its about boys and fashionNationality Thy could be from the USA because it says ‘L.A. premiere’ and you wouldn’t be able to(where are go to it if you live far awaythey live)Race (their There race could be American because he looks American and its in Englishheritage)Interests There interest would be about boys and fashion because there are a lot of stories on themJob/Student They would be going secondary because it looks a little to young for 30year olds a bit a bit to old for 8year olds
  6. 6. Target AudienceAge range The age range would be between 13-17 because it looks young and it don’t look to oldGender You can tell its for boys because it all about footballNationality I would say the would be from england because its arsenal are at the front(where arethey live)Race (their There race would be black and English because there is a coloured man at theheritage) front and there are English girls at the bottomInterests There interest would be football because the whole magazine is about footballJob/Student I would say they are in secondary school because it looks young
  7. 7. Target AudienceAge range I would say there age rage would be 40+ because there more in to gardeningGender I would say that its for ladies because there is a lady at the frontNationality They could be form the UK or the USA because its in English(where arethey live)Race (their They race would be Christian because she looks Englishheritage)Interests There interest would be gardening because the title is ‘organic gardening’ and there are stories on itJob/Student I would say they are parents because they would have spare time to garden
  8. 8. Target AudienceAge range I would say they would be 20+ because the man on the front look 20Gender the gender is boys because the title is ‘Men’s health’ and there is a man at the front and there are stories on how to get a good bodyNationality They would be from Australia because the name is ‘Australian men’s health’(where arethey live)Race (their There race would be white because the man on the front is whiteheritage)Interests There interest would be fitness because its all about how to keep you body fitJob/Student Model or gym instructor because