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Music photography


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Published in: Education
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Music photography

  1. 1. Music Photography<br />
  2. 2. Importance<br />Photography is very important to a magazine front cover. It can reflect off the genre hugely from colour, pose, shot type, depth, make up. Clothing, props etc. This is because if these aspects aren’t right, it can effect the whole magazine.<br />This is based around the different stereotypes from audience research etc.<br />
  3. 3. Image 1<br />The setting is secluded as it appears to be unknown, which suggests her music is personal and something she uses for herself. <br />The made-up hair argues against her calm clothing choice, suggesting she still takes pride in her appearance, whilst also being approachable.<br />The use of props of a microphone<br />And headphones shows this artist<br />Is focused on music.<br />Her makeup is quite<br />thick which connotates<br />to a scene/rock music<br />genre. <br />The eyeline is in the upper third of the image, however she is looking down which suggests she is superior but does not want to act upon it.<br />This image could be featured on a contents page or a smaller image on a double page spread, due to it being a close up and the image itself seems quite small.<br />The light coloured clothing suggests <br />she is calm/collect and focuses on a <br />peaceful music lifestyle.<br />
  4. 4. Image 2<br />The de-saturated colours and the black and white suits, suggests that they are serious about what they do- or it may be a social conventions challenge of musicians have to be in suits to be the powerful ones, whereas they are making a mockery of it which challenges this stereotype.<br />Judging by the angling, this image is possibly used for a small image on a double page spread, because on a front cover, landscape is too wide, however I think that this image is too formal to be a contents page image.<br />The setting appears to be on a stage, which alongside the suits suggests that the artists are winning something or have accomplished a goal. Also as it is outside it comes across as un-staged which is realistic and adds interest.<br />The pose shows pride in their music, as though they are impressed with what they are doing and are happy to take credit.<br />The prop of an eye patch could be linked to disability, or it may be a form of a costume to be a joke of some sort. Alongside the smiling faces this suggests that they’re not totally serious about their music – it is a lot about enjoying themselves, which impacts upon the fans because you can have fun with them and it isn’t all doom and gloom.<br />
  5. 5. Image 3<br />The depth of the image is used strongly for the amount of models because they have been positioned with two people on the chairs at the front and the person standing up at the back, this adds depth in the best way possible for a trio act because it adds characteristic and makes it more interesting.<br />The choice of setting is interesting at first glance because there is an uncertainty as to what the words at the back mean- is it the artists’ names? This intrigues the audience to read the magazine further to find out all the information.<br />The poses on the models are particularly interesting because they are either sat back or leaning. This suggests they are relaxed and in terms of music, their genre appears to be relaxed.<br />There is a lot of spacing around the models in this picture, which suggests they have been positioned in this way to fit text around them and as this shot is portrait, it suggests this image would fit onto a front cover.<br />The use of colour is particularly clever because they blue on the background matches the blue on the man on the right’s clothing choice. This shows attention to detail.<br />
  6. 6. Image 4<br />This medium close up could be used as a double page spread. This is shown by the positioning that the photograph could be on the left- looking at the article on the right. This emphasises the article. <br />The bright dyed hair suggests she proudly fights conventions of society and likes to make a bold statement.<br />The light make up shows that she is not fake and she likes to show her true identity and has nothing to hide.<br />The black top shows the hard rock genre of the music.<br />The setting is interesting because it is hidden and therefore unknown, which makes the audience want to read the article to find out more information,<br />
  7. 7. Findings <br />Looking at these images, I have realised that colour , lighting, clothing, angling etc are all vital in order to get across the right image and you have to be careful with different choices because different people interpret things in different ways.<br />In terms of reflecting off genre the colour black seems to show an edge, however it does need to be alongside some form of bright colours in a contrast to reach the full potential of things. Also a musical prop tends to work, however it is not vital. The artists have also been positioned in a setting that appears to be unknown, so this suggests that background only being slightly seen and not have it all revealed.<br />