Senior Project Speech


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Senior Project Speech

  1. 1. Lemons 1Emily LemonsMrs. LesterAdv. Composition5 March 2012 Senior Project Speech For years, dance has been my passion. I have been dancing since the age of twoand it has taught me many life lessons. Throughout the past 16 years that I have beendancing, I have grown to have a passion for it. I would love to share this passion withothers. I have always considered pursuing a career in dance. So, for my senior project Idecided to experiment with it, hoping it would help me determine if dance is the correctpath for me. To begin my project, I started researching the different issues that a career indance could hold for me. In my research paper, I chose to focus on a few different issuesin the field of dance. These issues included lack of job opportunity, physical demands,low pay, and the many responsibilities of a choreographer or dance educator. I chose tofocus on researching issues in my career field to prepare myself for what I could face if Idid choose to pursue dancing. Although I focused on a few different issues in myresearch paper, the issue I faced while working on my senior project was the manydemands a choreographer faces. Now I’m going to tell you about the process I followed in creating my product.My project Facilitator is Joan Kall Stewart. When looking for a facilitator, I knew Ineeded someone with a lot of experience and someone who would be willing to help me.Finding my facilitator was easy. I have known Miss Joanie since I first started dancing, Isee her at least twice a week, She is one of my biggest role models and I was ecstatic to
  2. 2. Lemons 2be able to learn from her. Miss Joanie danced with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo andperformed in many Broadway pieces. After retiring from performing, she began teachingand soon after opened her own ballet studio. She has now owned the Sawnee School ofBallet in Cumming for 20 years. After I chose my project facilitator, I started working on my project. Thefollowing are my steps toward my finished product. First, I had to establish a meetingschedule with Miss Joanie. It was difficult to find time between our busy schedules tomeet, but we decided to meet during breaks at rehearsals. I also helped with a class everyweek to learn the basics of teaching and choreographing. My next step was to find mymusic I did not have any problems with this, I found my music quickly after I knew whatI wanted. After finding my music, I had to edit it to the correct length. I had noexperience editing and I found the music difficult to choreograph to, so I had to reedit mymusic multiple times. I spent hours getting to know the software before attempting to editmy music. After realizing that many parts of the song I had chosen were too difficult tochoreograph to, I reedited my music a few times. After finding and editing my music, Ipicked a dancer that was willing to put in the extra hours for my project. Once I found mydancer, Sarah, I had to find the time to meet with her. We decided to rehearse before andafter classes, during breaks at rehearsals, and any time we could spend together outside ofdance. One of my last steps was finding and ordering a costume. I did this quickly andhad no problems. I also had a few other problems throughout the process I took to finish my project.Because I had no experience with choreographing before, I found it difficult to find stepsthat fit the music. To solve this problem, I took inspiration from other dances and asked
  3. 3. Lemons 3Miss Joanie for her input. I also had trouble remembering the dance between meetings.To solve this problem, I wrote down all the steps we had set to the music and filmed ourprogress at the end of our rehearsals. As I was choreographing, I noticed that I have atendency to repeat my choreography. To help this problem, I limited repetition to once ortwice and asked my facilitator for new ideas. This whole project has been a learningprocess for me. Throughout my project I learned many different things about myself. I learnedthat I needed to work on my time management skills. At the beginning of the project, Iwaited until the last minute to do my first five hours. After that, I quickly learned that Icould not put myself through so much stress and scheduled my five hours more evenlythroughout my time. I also learned that I like to keep everything organized. I have afolder just for my senior project papers and I keep that folder with me at all times.Because of this project I learned to send formal emails to my project facilitator. Otherthan that, all of our communicating was in person. Now that I have completed my SeniorProject, I am more interested in pursuing dance than ever. Although it was stressful attimes, I feel like a career in dancing is what I would like. Before this project I knew Iwanted to major in dance. Now that I am finished, I have made plans to attend Brenauand major in dance, but I am also considering double-majoring with the addition of danceeducation. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to be here, do you haveany questions?