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On the making of a beverage trinity


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Slides from a presentation by Christine A. Jones, University Of Utah, “On the Making of a Beverage Trinity: Coffee, Tea, And Hot Chocolate” on “Enlightenment Occlusions: Hidden Hybridity in European Literature and Culture” panel ASECS14

These slides were created for non-commerical, academic use. Although many of the images are in the public domain, please cite the authors or contact them for full citations if using their work.

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On the making of a beverage trinity

  2. 2. Early Writing on Chocolate Colmenero de Ledesma, Antonio. Curioso Tradado de la naturaleza y calidad del chocolate. 1631. Vades-forte, Don Diego de [Captain James Wadsworth]. A Curious Treatise of The Nature and Quality of Chocolate. Written in Spanish by Antonio Colmenero. 1640. Gage, Thomas. The English-American, … or, A New survey of the West India’s. 1648. Wadsworth, Captain James. Chocolate: or, An Indian Drinke… London: John Dakins, 1652. Stubbe, Henry. The Indian nectar, or, A discourse concerning chocolata… London: Andrew Crook, 1662. Hughes, William. The American Physitian, or, A Treatise of the Roots, Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Fruit, Herbs, &c. Growing in the English Plantations in America ... With All the Ways of Making the Chocolate. London: William Crook, 1672.
  3. 3. Philippe Dufour Usage du caphé, du thé et du chocolate* (Lyon, 1671) *Uses of Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate
  4. 4. Captain James Wadsworth Chocolate: or, An Indian Drinke… (London: John Dakins, 1652)
  5. 5. Philippe Dufour Traitez nouveau et curieux du café, du thé, et du chocolate, ouvrage également nécessaire aux médecins, et à tous ceux qui aiment leur santé* (La Haye: Adrian Moetjens, 1685). *New and Curious Treatise on coffee, tea, and chocolate, a study equally indispensable for doctors and for all those who value their health.
  6. 6. Legacy of the Beverage Trinity Nicolas de Larmessin’s grotesque, L’Habit du caffetier* (c. 1695) *The Coffee-Man’s Outfit Peirre Masson’s short how-to, Le Parfait Limonadier* (1705) *The Perfect Bar-keeper Pierre-Joseph Buc’hoz’s, Dissertations sur l'utilité…du tabac, du café, du cacao, et du thé (1788) *Essays on the benefits of tobacco, coffee, cacao, and tea
  7. 7. Antonio Colmenero de Ledesma Curioso Tradado de la naturaleza y calidad del chocolate* (1631) * Curious Treatise on the Nature and Quality of Chocolate
  8. 8. Translations of Colmenero English, 1640* French, 1643 Latin, 1644 French from the Latin, 1671 Italian, 1678 *by James Wadsworth, published under a pseudonym: A Curious Treatise of The Nature and Quality of CHOCOLATE. Written in Spanish by Antonio Colmenero, Doctor in Physicke and Chirurgery. And put into English by Don Diego de Vades-forte (London, 1640) 2nd edition: Chocolate: or, An Indian Drinke (1652)
  9. 9. The vertues thereof are no lesse various, then Admirable. For, besides that it preserves Health, and makes such as drink it often, Fat, and Corpulent, faire and Amiable, it vehemently Incites to Venus, and causeth Conception in women, hastens and facilitates their Delivery: It is an excellent help to Digestion, it cures Consumptions, and the Cough of the Lungs, the New Disease, or Plague of the Guts, and other Fluxes, the Green Sicknesse, Jaundise, and all manner of Inflamations, Opilations, and Obstructions. It quite takes away the Morphew [discolored skin], Cleanseth the Teeth, and sweetneth the Breath, Provokes Urine, Cures the Stone, and strangury [urinary infection], Expells Poison, and preserves from all infectious Diseases. But I shall not assume to enumerate all the vertues of this Confection: for that were Impossible, every day producing New and Admirable effects in such as drinke it. Chocolate: or, An Indian Drinke (1652)
  10. 10. Philippe Sylvestre Dufour Uses of Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate (1671) New and Curious Treatise on Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate, a study equally indispensable for doctors and for all those who value their health (1685)
  11. 11. Dufour, Frontispiece, 1685
  12. 12. Nicolas de Larmessin Habit du Caffetier, Costumes Grotesques, 1695
  13. 13. Masson & Buc’hoz Pierre Masson • Le Parfait Limonadier, ou la manière de préparer le thé, le caffé, le chocolat, et autres liqueurs chaudes et froides (Paris : Moette, 1705). • The Perfect Bar-keeper, or the way to prepare tea, coffee, chocolate and other hot and cold liquors. Pierre-Joseph Buc’hoz • Dissertations sur l'utilité, et les bons et mauvais effets du tabac, du café, du cacao, et du thé. (Paris: Buc’hoz, De Bure, La Veuve Tilliard, 1788) • Essays on the benefits, and the positive and negative effects of tobacco, coffee, cacao, and tea.
  14. 14. Buc’hoz, 1788 challenging to grow and harvest (which is done by slaves or sharecroppers) vulnerable to nature’s fauna (they all get bugs, which similarly damage them) medicinally potent and versatile in their culinary applications
  15. 15. William Hogarth, Marriage-à-la-mode 4, 1745