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How I used YouTube for my coursework


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This is a presentation of how I used the social networking site YouTube in my A2 media coursework

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How I used YouTube for my coursework

  2. 2. RESEARCH AND PLANNING  YouTube was probably one of the most important technologies I used in the research and planning stages of my coursework.  It allowed me to look at lots of different music videos to first help me establish codes and conventions of the form, then once I had a good idea of what these were it allowed me to look further into my chosen genre (indie/rock/alternative) and look at the codes and conventions of music videos from this genre.
  3. 3. LOOKING AT EXISTING EXAMPLES  One of the most useful tasks in the research and planning stages for me was the textual analysis of 3 existing music videos.  I decided to analyse: • The Kooks- Always Where I Need To Be • Arctic Monkeys- R U Mine? • Oasis- Wonderwall  I decided to do these 3 videos by these specific artists because they are all very popular indie rock bands with a very big fan base, and all the videos I analysed had a high number of views on YouTube.
  4. 4. POPULARITY OF VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE  YouTube is a very important social networking site in the music industry, it is a site where new artists can be discovered and existing artists can expand their fan base even more.  As I found in my textual analyses’ all the bands I looked into are very popular with a lot of views on their YouTube video pages: • Oasis- Wonderwall • Arctic Monkeys- R U Mine? • The Kooks- Always where I need to be
  5. 5. HOW IT HAS BEEN USEFUL FOR MY COURSEWORK  As mentioned previously, YouTube was very important in the early stages of my coursework as it helped me figure out the codes and conventions of music videos and so gave me an idea of what conventions I would follow in my coursework and those that I thought I could develop or challenge  However, it has also been useful in the final stages of my coursework as it allowed me to post my first and final draft on there and people could then give their opinion of what they thought of it  It also allowed me to look back on my first draft and see any comments that people had made about it, which gave me an idea of what to change or develop for my final draft  As they have a view count on there it also helped me see how popular my music video is, and compare the view count from the first draft to the view count of the final draft