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How I used Adobe Photoshop CS5 in my coursework


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Published in: Technology
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How I used Adobe Photoshop CS5 in my coursework

  1. 1. • The software ‘Adobe Photoshop CS5’ was very useful for me in the later stages of my coursework as it helped me produce my ancillary texts (a CD/DVD digipak and a magazine advert) • As we had already had quite a lot of experience using this programme from our AS coursework, as it was the main software used in the production of my music magazine, this proved very helpful in making my ancillary texts as I already had a good understanding of how to use it. • As well as developing my existing understanding of certain tools on photoshop, producing the ancillary text also gave me a new understanding of tools such as how to make certain layers opaque, using the brush tool in different shapes etc.
  2. 2. Tools I used: Here is a list of some of the specific tools that were useful in the construction process of my ancillary texts: • Brush tool • The brush tool also allows you to chose different shaoes of brushes, which I found effective in creating the backdrop for both my magazine advert and my CD/DVD advert • The use of layers also let me play around with the opacity of different layers to make the text on the digipak and the magazine advert look more effective