Advocacy Heals U Book Tour - Rosalynn Carter Institute’s Annual Global Summit


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On October 22nd 2015, Joni Aldrich and Christopher Jerry had the distinct honor of meeting former First Lady, Rosalynn Carter at a reception held for the Rosalynn Carter Institute’s Annual Global Summit in beautiful Americus, Georgia. On October 23rd, they gave their very first book presentation and subsequent book signing at the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving, with the former First Lady actually in attendance! They were told that the special dedication (pictured below) that the authors made at the beginning of our book, to the Former 39th President of the United States and the Former First Lady, actually brought tears to Mrs. Carter’s eyes when it was read to her the following day!

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Advocacy Heals U Book Tour - Rosalynn Carter Institute’s Annual Global Summit

  1. 1. ADVOCACY HEALS U “Our legacy does not end with the closing of the day or even with our final breath; it continues through infinite possibilities for hopeful tomorrows —one cause, one person at a time.” ~Joni Aldrich Advocates HEAL THE WORLD!
  2. 2. Chris Jerry Advocate: Preventable Medical Errors
  3. 3. “The general public is not sufficiently aware that they are routinely put at risk within our nation’s medical facilities. Emily’s death should count for something.” ~Chris Jerry The Emily Jerry Foundation Emily Jerry
  4. 4. Joni Aldrich Advocate: Cancer and Caregiving Advocate
  5. 5. “The hard lessons we experienced through the cancer steep learning curve didn’t save Gordon, but others need to be empowered, alert and involved patients and caregivers to facilitate the best chance of survival for others who hear the words ‘you have cancer’.” ~Joni Aldrich Gordon Aldrich
  6. 6. “Like many families… ours has been through multiple cancer losses. Mom made it known that cancer would eventually kill her, but it wasn’t going to take her life in the meantime.” ~Joni Aldrich Martha James
  7. 7. Chris and Joni would like to introduce you to a few of their friends….
  8. 8. Debbie Zelman Advocate: Stomach Cancer
  9. 9. “My husband was upset when I first started the foundation, because he thought I was going to die. He said, ‘Why don’t you go travel the world, or do something else you would like to do.’ I said, ‘It actually makes me stop thinking about me.’” Debbie’s Dream Foundation
  10. 10. Toula Wootan Advocate: Caregiving Advocate Toula’s Tips for Caregivers
  11. 11. Dottie Pacharis Advocate: Stigma of Mental Illness “I want to pay tribute to Scotty, and all he endured. My hope was that other families would be as outraged at our failed mental health care system as we were.”
  12. 12. Diana Hardeman Advocate: Stroke Awareness In 2013, Diana Hardeman had an ischemic stroke at the age of 30. It was due to a tiny dissection in the carotid artery in her neck…
  13. 13. Rose Gerber Advocate: Community Oncology Alliance Patient Advocacy Network “As a cancer survivor, I understand that the foundation of successful advocacy is emotional health and wellbeing.”
  14. 14. Sean Swarner Advocate: Inspirational Cancer Advocate
  15. 15. Eva Grayzel Advocate: Oral Cancer Advocate
  16. 16. CHORUS: “If a canker sore doesn’t go away It could be oral cancer, catch it early, don’t delay. Hoarse voice, lump in neck, persistent cough It could be oral cancer. Don’t shrug it off.” Oral Cancer Save-A-Life Rap “My name is Eva Grayzel, I got a story to tell…
  17. 17. Allyn Atadero Advocate: Children’s Safety Advocate
  18. 18. “I listened closely as God continued to whisper. He told me there are a lot of lost sheep in this world, and each and every one of them brings him the same type of pain I’m feeling because of my son, Jaryd.” ~Allyn Atadero Jaryd Atadero Allyn was told that Jaryd was killed by a mountain lion yet not one trace of blood was found on his clothes.
  19. 19. Juliet Aguwa Advocate: African Women with Breast Cancer
  20. 20. Olive Demby Talk about the “weight of the world”, Olive believed that—if she didn’t survive—African women might say: “Look at her! She fought for treatment and still failed.” Olive returned home, but died shortly afterwards due to problems with her medication.
  21. 21. Jonny Imerman Advocate: Help for Cancer Patients and Caregivers From the moment of diagnosis….
  22. 22. Dangerous Boobs Tour Advocates: Heather Reimler, Chiqeeta Jameson, Wendy Damonte: Dense Breast Tissue Awareness You cannot tell breast density by look, size or touch. 47% of women have dense breast tissue (DBT). Mammography misses over 50% of cancers in women with DBT.
  23. 23. Dr. Richard Taylor Advocate: From the Mind of a Dementia Patient
  24. 24. After Richard received another catastrophic diagnosis, esophageal cancer, his message changed from one of information sharing to one of frustration with a medical system that tried to write him off as a hopeless case. Richard has become a visual symbol of hope to patients of two very critical illnesses.
  25. 25. The Rivas Family Advocate: Against Drunk Drivers Kristin Rivas
  26. 26. Bethany’s sister, Kristin, has also touched and changed the lives of thousands of individuals by sharing her journey of suffering from traumatic grief over her sister’s death because of a drunk driver (Kristin attempted suicide and nearly succeeded). Bethany Rivas
  27. 27. Besides Chris and Joni, there are 95 other advocates and 58 charitable foundations in Advocacy Heals U, the book.