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Lesson plan english year 2


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Lesson plan english year 2

  1. 1. Subject: EnglishClass: 2 BaiduriLanguage proficiency: Above average and averageNo. of pupils:Date/Day: 6th of July, 2010 / MondayTime: – 05.00ap (1 hour)Theme: World of KnowledgeTopic: Unit 8 – The Animal WorldFocused Skill: Speaking.Integrated Skills: ListeningSkill Learning Outcomes Curriculum SpecificationsSpeaking • 2.2 Ask questions politely to obtain information and • 2.2.3 Ask “Wh” questions to find out more information and clarification. about identity, size, shape, colour, location, etc.Listening • 1.5 Obtain information from texts listened to in relation to • 1.5.4 Listen to simple descriptions and recall details by main ideas, specific details and sequence. answering simple “Wh” questions.Lesson Objectives:By the end of the lesson, students should be able to: i) Ask and answer “Wh” questions correctly based on pictures of animals shown. ii) Write a riddle about an animal correctly. iii) Listen to and state the names of animal correctly based on the riddles heard.Educational Emphases: • Thinking skills – Reasoning • Multiple intelligences – Interpersonal • Moral values – Caring for animals 1
  2. 2. Language Content: • Grammar – Adjective e.g. big, small, thin, fat and running • Sentence patterns : It is a big fat catTeaching Aids: Pictures card, PowerPointPrevious Knowledge: They have learned the names of some animal.Anticipated Problems: • Classroom management – Monitoring students (pair and individual work) • Time management – Students may probably exceed the estimated working time • Close monitoring on students while completing tasks. 2
  3. 3. Stage/Time Content Teaching-Learning Activity Rationale RemarksSET INDUCTION 1. Teacher shows the pictures of animals. • To arouse(5 minutes) pupil’s interest. 2. Teacher asks pupils questions based on the picture card shown. • To introduce Q:What is this? the topic A: This is a cat. Picture cards Q: What colour is its fur? 3. Teacher asks pupils to guess the topic of A: It is white. today’s lessons. Q: What does it eat? A: It eats fish. Q: Can you give me other examples of four legged animals? Expected responses: - Cat, Tiger, Elephant Examples of “Wh” Questions and 1. Teacher shows pupils a picture of anPRESENTATION Response: animal.(10 minutes) 2. Teacher asks pupils a question based on the picture of animal shown and display • To create active the question on the PowerPoint slide. participation and pupil’s interest. Picture cards 3. Pupils respond to teacher’s question and teacher confirms the answer by PowerPoint slides Q: What is this? displaying the expected response to the A: This is a monkey question on the PowerPoint slide. Q: What does it have? A: It has long tail • To enrich Q: What does it eat? 4. Teacher repeats this process of asking pupil’s A: It eats banana and answering questions with pupils to vocabulary demonstrate the use of “Wh” questions based on a few picture cards of animals. 3 • To increase the
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