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  2. 2. WH QUESTIONWhoWhatWhereWhen
  3. 3. Who is in the picture?What is her action?What is she reading?
  4. 4. SVO TableSubject(who)Verb(what)Object(what,where,when)The girl is reading a book.
  5. 5. Subject VerbSingularPlural
  6. 6. Subject Verb Object
  7. 7. Subject(who)Verb(what)Object(what,where,when)Theladyispushingthe swing.
  8. 8. Subject(who)Verb(what)Object(what,where,when)Thepupils____buyingfood.
  9. 9. Subject(who)Verb(what)Object(what,where,when)
  11. 11. My Lunch
  12. 12. Subject Verb ObjectLast Sunday,Siti went to the market.Mother bought fish andvegetables.When they reachedhome, Sitihelped her mother tocook in thekitchen.
  13. 13. Subject Verb ObjectWhen the food was ready they served it onthe table.Then , Siti had lunch with thefamily.
  14. 14. Camping in the jungle.
  15. 15. Subject Verb ObjectLast Sunday, Awieand the ScoutsClubwent camping in theforest.They hiked happily.They were excited.
  16. 16. Subject Verb ObjectMunir and Ali pitched the tent.Ahmad and Iman collected the firewood.They cooked for dinner.
  17. 17. Subject Verb ObjectAt night, they sat around thecampfire.Ali played guitar.The boys sang many song untilmidnight.After that, they went to sleep.They were very happy.
  18. 18. At the Park.
  19. 19. Subject Verb ObjectThe boy and thegirlare jogging at the park.The boy is feeding the fish.The lady is pushing the pram.The boy is playing kite.The couple is talking on the bench.
  20. 20. On the Beach.
  21. 21. Subject Verb ObjectThe family is eating the food.The children arebuildingsandcastle.The father is lying on the mat.The girl is picking the seashells.The boy isswimmingin the sea.
  22. 22. Writing Practice 1• There are many people at the book fair.• Pupils are walking into the exhibitionhall.• There is a variety of books on sale.• The man is choosing books to buy.• The girl is paying for the books.
  23. 23. Vocabulary Practice 2•In a Clinic
  24. 24. Subject Verb Object1) The patient ___ sitting on a bench.2) __ wearing3) is sitting4)The nurse is holding a file.5) is walking
  25. 25. •At theSupermarket
  26. 26. Subject Verb Object6) is paying for the food.7)The woman is taking8) is pushing9)The man is queueingupat the counter.10) is choosing the canned food.
  27. 27. Writing Practice 3•WritingPractice 3
  28. 28. Subject Verb Object1) ___ buying ticket.2) The player __ kicking3) __ dancing on the stage.4)The athletes ___ running5)The tourist __________ thephotographs.
  29. 29. Writing Practice 4•Preparing for HariRaya
  30. 30. Subject Verb Object1) The mother is hanging the curtain.2) The father is standing on the stool.3) The sister is baking cupcakes.4) The aunt is sewing the ‘bajukurung’.5)Thegrandmotheris weaving ‘ketupat’.
  32. 32. SECTION B•Exercise 1Question 2
  33. 33. APARTMENT BUNGALOW TERRACE HOUSENO OR FLOORS One One TwoNO OF ROOMS Four Five ThreeNO OFBATHROOMSThree Three TwoGARDEN No garden Big SmallFACILITIES Shopping mall Playground School
  34. 34. I would buy the bungalowbecause• It is a single storey house. I like single storyhouse.• Besides, it has five bedrooms and threebathrooms. It is enough for my family.• Furthermore , it has a big garden. My motherlikes gardening.• Lastly , the house is near the playground. Ican walk there.
  35. 35. • With all the reasons above, Ihope this will be the bestchoice for me.
  36. 36. Exercise 21 Outdoor2 Indoor3 A tent4 A fishing rod5 Bait6 Watercolours/ crayons7 Relax and enjoy8 Relax and enjoy9 Good for team building and friendship10 Learn to be patient
  37. 37. Exercise 41 Bowling2 Futsal3 21- 23 May 20074 24- 26 May 20075 Cheras Stadium6 National Stadium7 10.00 a.m8 5.00 p.m9 RM 15.0010 RM 10.00
  38. 38. I would choose the fishing because• I like fishing. Besides, it needs afishing rod, bait and a pail. I cantake it from my house.Furthermore, the activity isrelaxing and enjoying. Lastly, Ican learn to be patient.
  39. 39. I would choose the bowlingbecause• I like to play bowling. Besides , theplace is near to my place. It is only astone throw away from my house. Ican walk to KL Bowling Centre.Furthermore , the ticket price isreasonable and affordable. I can usemy own money. Lastly , I am free on21- 23 May 2007.
  40. 40. .Awie is my friend. He is twelveyears old. He studies in SK TamanKota Kulai 2. He is kind andhardworking.Last Sunday, Alif and his friendwent to the waterfall. They cycledhappily. They camped there.
  41. 41. They found a place. It was nearthe river. Alif helped his friends. Theypitched a tent.They sang at night. Alif played theguitar. Ah Chong sat on a rock. Theywere happy.
  42. 42. Awie is my friend. He is twelve years old.He studies in SK Taman Kota Kulai 2. He is kindand hardworking.