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Nmdl final presentation


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Final presentation for ADV 420. Client was twitter. Digital marketing strategy.

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Nmdl final presentation

  1. 1. Emily HullADV 420Final Presentation
  2. 2. Target Audience --We are interested in promoting to small companies that wish to advertise on the web. --Largest target will be the first age category listed below because statistically they are the largest users of social media. -- By targeting this age group we have the largest chance of building our brand and spreading our campaign on social media. •15-30 • 30-50 • 50+
  3. 3. Target Audience Statistically speaking, during twitters peak hours, the most usage is done by people ages 15-29 as you can see in this graph.Graph citation:
  4. 4. • Broadcast Twitter to a company level---We will accomplish this through paid advertisements on well used sites---Showing statistics that twitter usage can build companies brand and reputation
  5. 5. Why choose the 4 specific sites?: • NETFLIX: Total subscribers= 23 Million • FACEBOOK: Total users= 845 Million • LINKEDIN: Total members= 147 Million • HULU: Total users= 43 Million These sites are all proven to have very heavy traffic and could pull a big influence to our campaign.1. comments/3.
  6. 6. Digital Marketin• Advertising Tools g• Online marketing agents and professionals – They will be used to convince companies twitter has the power to make them successful. – Tactics: • Online ads • Social media speakers to promote our clients identity into the small business company world
  7. 7. We will be promoting our idea long term (3-6months). If more time is needed we will re-evaluateour budget and methods. 40,000 +-A Facebook creation promotion page to promote ouridea of small companies on twitter will cost 40,000. 20,000 +-A video will be created andshared on TV, Internetand onsocial media sites. Estimated cost 20,000. 15,000 +-We would hire social media monitoring andintegration with existing efforts. Consultants and 10,000=agencies will be tracking phrases and keywords andcharging on fee. Estimated cost, 15,000… 85,000 x 2---1,000 each month for a because they could cost =around 1,000 a month and I think we should promotefor a1+ yrs.--Social media speaker, can run up to10,000 peradvertisement or session they hold.-Assuming our campaigning takes maximum 2 years … 170,000
  8. 8. • Our budget is on the lower end and our main reason behind that is that as a large, growing social media site, we don’t have to pay for our own usage.• We will utilize all the connections and networks we already have under our name.
  9. 9. facts: – Over100 million active users – 34%of marketers generated leads through twitter – 40% use twitter to stay updated on current events – 55% of users access it through mobile devices
  10. 10. Strategy Summary• Through our planned budget and marketing plan we hope to make our client, twitter, not only a site for personal usage but, a site that helps build company brands as well. #Getyourcompanyontwittertoday!