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Magazine Advertisements


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Magazine Advertisements

  1. 1. Magazine advertisements I decided to also look at magazine covers where Lily Allen is the main focus and other adverts including Lily Allen this may help with text and style. Plain and simple, black and white image, advertising high fashion, which is completely different to what I am going to produce. But I can take the idea that she has lots of lovely things, as she has in her music video The Fear. This magazine cover is interesting although I am not creating a magazine front cover the idea of not only her wearing nothing but a Chanel necklace which appears to be precious to her from her positioning. Lily Allen is looking into a mirror, which is a words she plays on in her song The Fear. The mirror and media together, she is looking straight into the camera through the mirror.
  2. 2. Magazine and Lily Allen <ul><li>I decided to also look at magazine covers where Lily Allen is the </li></ul><ul><li>main focus and other adverts including Lily Allen this may help with text and style. </li></ul>I like the text used Nylon magazine, the style is bold and the colours almost fit into Lily Allen’s music video The Fear and my animation, I will take this text into consideration when designing my mag advert. This article also kind of fits into the colour scheme, of sickly sweet pastel colours. Balloon and a cake are includes in the image, these items are both included into her video. I will be sticking to the colour scheme and style of my animation. Obviously all these magazines include pictures of Lily Allen but I can’t use a picture of Lily Allen, as I found out when creating my animation. I will just have to make it clear to the viewer that the song is by Lily Allen using large bold text, like the one used for the Nylon magazine.
  3. 3. Random adverts Above is about the only good advert I could find which was not a photograph or extremely boring. The sketchy, messy drawing is similar in ways to my animation. I may use the front cover of my CD package as my advert as Cage The Elephant have here. They have made the advert similar than the CD case. I may do it the other way round and add more detail to the advert as I am producing a A4 sheet avert and this is much smaller. To the left, I like the colours and freeness of the background. If I could use a picture of Lily Allen I could create something with a similar idea with paint and images I used in my animation. Because I can’t do this I think I may use a idea I came up with when researching for my CD digipak. Having all the random things I have used in the animation closely positioned together to create a busy focal point with a simple background. I may include hands like the images I researched before, because I did in my animation.
  4. 4. Ideas I have come up with a few good ideas explained on the other page. And this is a different one. Only taking aspects from this image; the idea of having a collage of images I could chose my best few stills and create a collage of the same style images as they have in this image. This may also be a idea I could experiment with for my CD digipak. The idea of using a wooden background is what I did for my animation I may also do this for my magazine advert, I will have to experiment with these ideas. I also like the coloured lights for the background, I had this idea for my CD digipak but I could not find a suitable image which blended to a background.