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  1. 2. Animation 1 – 00.19.00 This is the first fully painted image – a music note, with collaged newspaper in the background shows links to the media and the music. The colours are also the same as those used in Lily Allen’s music videos. 2 – 00.35.14 As the hand places the word ‘sun,’ the song = ‘I’l look in the sun and the mirror’ therefore this links to the timing of the song. The hand adds to the effect of this is a piece of artwork being made. 3 – 1.05.07 This is the zoom, it focusing on the mirror newspaper and the sun lettering they contrast with each other, one being mediated and the other not. 4 – 1.21.18 This is one of the first images which includes the beads, one of the main aspects. They dance and all is explained later on in the music video. 5 – 1.49.03 The cupcake and heart are dancing in this clip, this shows links to Lily Allen’s music video, as she has these real items involved. This photo shows the red and white dice, again playing on the idea of mixed emotions, and connotations of the colours, changing speed and over taking each other depending on the feeling. 6 – 2.06.01 The timing of the song – ‘I’l look at the sun and the mirror,’ in time the mirror lettering is revealed. From the thick layered paint, this makes the image seem slightly less colour but reveals the ‘nice’ letters. Although the media sun is still below, this makes the use of audience knowledge, as well as the whole does, if you didn’t no what the sun and mirror newspaper was then this song would have a completely different meaning. I am playing on the two meanings. 7 – 2.14.18 This is the front cover for the CD digipak, the perfect heart, nothing effecting, happiness. 8 – 2.47.20 And here is the deforming heart, the fear. This could be not noticed and still appreciated, that I feel is the whole aspect behind my animation, it can be watched on service level but all read into and has deeper meanings. As well as the song 9 – 2.48.18 This is one of the ending photographs, after the credits, painted on acetate the camera tilts to reaveal this very large red letters, spelling – ‘The Fear,’ this asks the viewers questions has it been hanging over the art the whole time, does this change the meaning of the text ? 10 – 3.03.20 All these clips are artificially lighted using a lamp above the camera, this is because I took the photos over two days at different times and I wanted the lighting to be the same. I feel this worked well as the photos are the same shade. The photos with the hand involved show shadowing this adds to the mise en scene of a realistic effect. Apart from photo 10 the camera is in the same position, point of view. Continues onto the next page
  2. 3. My CD digipak was mainly inspired from my animation, using two styles as the main focus of the front and the back covers to my digipak. I also used the writing from the end of my animation as I did in the magazine advert. The idea of the inside cover was from the animation, the dancing beads part. I used Lily Allen’s album cover background colour for my CD digipak this is to show continuity and the bold writing of the front cover. Magazine advert For the magazine advert I gathered ideas from different sources, I use the art work I found on Flickr as my main inspiration. Involving the animation artwork, changed to a much more colourful smaller image. Using the hands links into my animation and the image I found on Flickr. To create links to Lily Allen I used jewellery of her style, gold with a girly touch. The magazine advert below gave me inspiration to use a plain background and bold writing, I also used the same style font type to show links to her work. The main convention I have not kept to is including Lily Allen in the advert, as I have not used a fake Lily Allen all the way through my work I thought it would be to contrasting to the other work if I did now. Although the hands could be anyone's, its up to your imagination. CD Digipak The main convention I am breaking is the fact that I don’t have Lily Allen in my video or someone else acting as her, I feel I did not need her as I have created a stop motion which is her imagination. The hand could be her its up to the viewer to make this decision. Also Lily Allen is a established artist who’s style is recognisable, with the pastel colours and creative look. I feel I have gone with a current movement of it being creative and making it yourself. Such as many teens to young adults are making their clothes and expressing themselves through creativity, from designing their blog page to their style to painting and making jewellery.
  3. 4. <ul><li>Lily Allen song ‘The Fear’ on the album – ‘Its Not Me It’s you.’ </li></ul><ul><li>Sound - pop, I used a acoustic version to give the overall sense of the music video and music closer links, arty version. </li></ul><ul><li>Stop motion, breaks conventions of Lily Allen’s music video. </li></ul><ul><li>My main aim and idea was to create a music video which showed Allen’s imagination on paper. </li></ul><ul><li>My other main aim was to create a music video which different genres of people could enjoy, not only stop motion viewers and Lily Allen fans but arty people, and because the song is about the media and mix motion, and I have played on this in my animation to create a hybrid video. </li></ul><ul><li>I researched into stop motion and Lily Allen’s music videos, including her colour schemes so I could show continuity in my animation. I also researched into how to create a stop motion plus how to use the software. </li></ul><ul><li>I used research of Lily Allen’s ‘The Fear’ video and items she used in her actual music video in mine but as pictures, such as cupcakes and flowers (I used a gem flower from a ring). I did use some real objects – breaks conventions with typical stop motion. </li></ul><ul><li>linear narrative </li></ul><ul><li>I feel the animation worked well, the section half is more exciting and if I had more time I would completely re-do the animation to the same style but use more different aspects such as objects and photographs to create a more exciting video. </li></ul>Animation CD Digipak <ul><li>My main aim was to create a CD digipak which advertises the song and my stop motion music video to ‘The Fear.’ </li></ul><ul><li>I used part of two stills from my animation, for the front and back of the CD digipak. </li></ul><ul><li>The full heart as the front cover shows the idea of perfection, then the back, a scrunched up heart shows the reality. </li></ul><ul><li>My aim was to create a eye-catching yet simple digipak which links into the animation and the magazine advert </li></ul><ul><li>The colour for the backgrounds, I used the same colour as Lily Allen’s album cover for ‘Its Not Me It’s you,’ I used the same colour for the magazine advert, shows links between the three. </li></ul><ul><li>I feel the simple idea works well, and again shows links into my other work but her style, of gig sets, album covers and more recent videos. </li></ul><ul><li>I used the animation as the bases, including ‘The Fear’ writing to show continuity between the two, which would mean viewers would be able to link the to together easily even without the large, bold lettering. </li></ul><ul><li>The inside insert to the CD digipak was based on the dancing beads in my animation </li></ul><ul><li>I would not make any changes to this as I feel it fits in and works well as part of Lily Allen style and the animation. Although if I had more time I would add to the digipak and get the CD printed onto like I had originally hoped. And I would add other pages, one for each song. </li></ul>
  4. 5. Magazine advert <ul><li>My main aim was to create a magazine advert which advertises the song and my stop motion music video to ‘The Fear.’ </li></ul><ul><li>I research magazines were Lily Allen has featured and art work on the internet. </li></ul><ul><li>I used the animation as the bases, including ‘The Fear’ writing to show continuity between the two, which would mean viewers would be able to link the to together easily even without the large, bold lettering. </li></ul><ul><li>I used the same colour as the CD digipak which is the same colour as Lily Allen’s real album, ‘Its Not Me It’s you,’ again to show continuity. </li></ul><ul><li>I feel the simple idea works well, and again shows links into my other work but her style, of gig sets, album covers and more recent videos. </li></ul><ul><li>I would not make any changes to this as I feel it fits in and works well as part of Lily Allen style and the animation. </li></ul>I feel that I have created a hybrid music video involving different genres which is what I wanted to achieve, to attract different audiences. I also created CD digipak and the magazine cover which showed continuity and advertised the music video. The CD digipak and magazine advertisement make sense and stand on there out singularly but they also identify each other. The three components have extremely strong links to one an other and match perfectly. I feel this is because I have used two photographs as the bases from the animation to create the front and back cover of the CD digipak. And for the magazine cover I have used the animation, added to it, and use that as the centre point of the advert. The hands also show links to the animation as I have used this technique in the music video. It is also the little aspects which bring the three to a whole and that is background colour and writing, which both link to Lily Allen’s album cover, and the animation.
  5. 6. Initial Feedback From my practice animation I received feedback that I needed, more images which relate to Lily Allen, and relative action. Also I main point was that because I am creating a stop motion I don’t have any change of camera angles apart from point of view, and I didn’t have a strong enough narrative, although my basic ideas were good. Such as the style and colours used. Changes From the feedback I was given I decided to involve more objects such as the beads, and bring in more colour and quicker development of the art work. I also involved a few zooms in and out to focus on certain sections and I incorporated a tilt of the camera at the end which reveals writing, this gives the animation a sense of space and reality, it is a piece of artwork, and it can portray feelings and explain the story of the song. The previous feedback was a massive issue and the only way of involving someone in my media was to re make the whole animation of create a different beginning, because that is what I got told was the problem area. I felt that this would contrast with my excising animation, so I decided not to involve a ‘Lily Allen’ into my animation. Other reasons for this is because in my practice animation I involved a picture of Lily Allen which did not work well atall, and the image didn’t blend with my artwork ideas. Also I later found out that it was copy right so I wouldn’t be able to use a image of her, innless I took it myself. I looked through my gig and festival images and the only ones I have are blurry, but this wasn’t really a problem as I didn’t really want to include a image as it didn’t fit in with the style of my stop motion. Another reason for not redoing my animation with a Lily Allen person in it is because this was not the idea I was originally going for, I think it would have looked tacky using a friend with brown hair to pose as Lily Allen, I feel that this would of caused confusion to audiences. Asking questions such as why is there a girl pretending to be Lily Allen and saying it did not fit into the rest of the animation. But the main reason is because my idea was to create a music video which was Lily Allen's imagination, this is going on in her head. It is like the ideas she came up with for her actual music video, but the initial idea in her mind, as art. I feel the feedback helped me a lot to create a animation which would appeal to a wider range of audience as the feedback involved people who wouldn’t necessarily be in the genre of the animation. Although I kept something's the way I wanted them as I feel my ideas were important to stick to, to create the out come I wanted. If I had time to create the whole animation again I feel I would create a faster busier stop motion which would incorporate different aspects of media. Further Feedback- Once I had completed my real animation, the feedback I got was all great, my peers really enjoyed it and particularly thought that the second section was the best as there was more happening, and the beads seemed to be the favourite aspect of the music video. My teachers feedback was overall good but they thought I should make the beginning section quicker and cut the song at the appropriate place. I got mixed feedback about the ending tilt! Some of the feedback was constructive criticism and they thought it would be best without it, but then others thought that brought the whole animation into realisation. Further Changes I agreed with my teachers and peers that the first section of my animation was slow, so I quicken the pace up and cut the song, I was a bit hesitant about cutting the song but once I did it I thought the animation was better because the first half was busier. I also decided that I liked the tilted ending and kept it as part of my animation, I feel that the animation was enjoyed weather people liked the very end of not, I feel it gives the stop motion another quality, that whilst this lovely art work has being created there have been these words over hanging and constantly there throughout, this gives the music video different aspects to consider and if watched another time things may seem different with the knowledge of what's at the end. More Feedback After the previous feedback I created my magazine advert by cutting up my animation, which I thought was fine as I felt I had completed my animation, then I received constructive criticism that I needed to involve someone who could act as Lily Allen to show more continuity to Lily Allen’s actual music videos.
  6. 7. For the research, I mainly watched videos and documentaries on You Tube and artwork on Flickr. These internet sites meant I had easy access to any information I needed I also uses my knowledge of seeing Lily Allen at festivals and to create a animation which could be Lily Allen imagination. To document this information efficiently and neatly on my blog I used programmes such as Scribd for essays or Word documents and Slideshare for power points. For my practice animations and ideas I used my phone camera and then put them onto to my computer and then sent them to my school area either using email or my memory stick. The quality of these images was not great so for my real animation I used a SLR school camera to take the 900 something photos I had to take. I used a tripod so the camera would be in relatively the same place for every photo, feedback I got from this was that a little movement of the camera added to the effect of the stop motion feel, as all homemade stop motions on you tube move slightly and this gives in a sense of a homemade creative video. I used the slr camera on the tripod to create the zoom and tilting effects.
  7. 8. The actual animation – I used art techniques such as; dry painting with acrylics to create a thick purer colour which stands out better than a watered down colour, the colours are also connotations of feeling and meanings. I also used collage in my animation and then again for the magazine advert, collaged the art work again. The editing programme – I decided to use Adobe Premier a windows programme for two reasons, because it was easier to use for stop motion and I got told it was better, but also because there was not enough Macs, and this would limit my editing time as my work would be on the one computer. Using a USB I imported the photos into Adobe Premier, then transfer each photo onto the timeline. Then I edited the time, this took a long while as there is no way of editing them all at once. Once my animation was complete I burnt into on a DVD disk. I used Photoshop to create the CD digipak and Magazine advert. I used the magic wand cut out tool to cut out images from photographs from my animation. I also used layers to overlay images for both the CD digipak and magazine advert.