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Script for dairy_milk_pres._

  1. 1. DAIRY MILK PRESENTATION – SCRIPT.Welcome ladies and gentleman, today I am going to show and present to youabout recommending a new advert for Cadburys Dairy Milk. However to startmaking the advert, I researched the advertising of Dairy Milk and its history ofthe company and its negative and positives in how the company works.On screen 2 you can see the making of Dairy Milk chocolate. Milk chocolatestarted in 1897. The basic ingredients consists of Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter,Cocoa Mass and Sugar, this made the perfect milk chocolate. However a fewmonths later, the recipe changed instead of Milk Powder it changed toCondensed Milk. This made the chocolate Milkier. This however wasn’t themaker’s idea, this was the buyers and consumers they thought of the changebecause they believed that the making of the chocolate more milky they couldtaste the natural ingredients more.As you can see on screen 3, the history of Cadburys, the company started in1824, it was shared by two brothers, John and Benjamin Cadburys. The name ofthe Company was called ‘Cadburys Brother of Birmingham.’ They opened a officein London in 1854, the received the Royal Warrant as manufacturers of chocolateand cocoa by Queen Victoria. Frederic Kinchelmean he was a masterconfectioner he shared the recipe with the Cadburys Brothers. In 1861 thebusiness accepted new owners, George and Richard Cadburys, Johns Sons. Theysoon bought land to build a factory on the outskirt of Birmingham. Theyrenamed the Bourn Brook estateBourneville this was opened 1897. 1905 waslaunchedScreen 4, the advertising strategies, the advertisement strategies throughout theyears Dairy Milk have also try to keep a strong association with milk, withslogans such as ‘a glass and a half of full cream milk in every half pound.’ Aadvertisement that features a glass of milk pouring out forming the bar. On the9th of March 1976 American singer Neil Daimond performed a concert televisedthroughout Australia during which he did a humorous live commercial for DairyMilk. This concert included the ad as a bonus selection; this was released on DVDon the 1st of July 2008. In 2004 Cadburys started a series of televisionadvertisements in the United Kingdom and Ireland featuring a person and ananimal representing the persons happiness debating weather to eat the range ofchocolate bars including Dairy Milk. This is where the half and glass productioncomes in place, in 2007 Cadburys launched a new advertising campaign entitled‘Gorilla’ from a new in house production company called glass and a half fullproduction the advert was shown in the season finale of Big Brother 2007 andconsist of a Gorilla at a drum kit drumming along to a Phil Collins song, ‘In the AirTonight.’ It is supposed to elate the joy of playing drums of the eating of thechocolate bar. The advert has now been extremely popular with over 3,0000 onyoutube and put the Phil Collin hit back in the UK charts. On 28th March 2008 thesecond Dairy Milk advert production by glass and a half full production aired, itfeatures several trucks at night at a empty runaway at a Mexican airport racingto the tune of Queen ‘Don’t stop me now’ the ad campaign run at the same timeas the problems at Heathrow terminal 5 with baggage handling. In the advert
  2. 2. bagging was scattered round the runway. On the 5th September 2008 the Gorillaadvert was re - launched with a new soundtrack Bonnie Tyler ‘Totally Eclipse ofthe heart ‘ a reference to an online mash up of the commercial, similarly of thetruck advert appeared using Bon Jovi’s song ‘Livin on a Pray’ with both remarkspremiered over again during the finale of Big Brother 2008. In January 2009other adverts were released with two children moving their eyebrows up anddown rapidly to the electro funk music beat ‘Don’t stop the rock’ by freestyle. InApril 2010 a fifth advert aired containing a scientist mixing milk and chocolate tomake a Dairy Milk bar to the tune of ‘the only way I know’ by The Charlatans.This production is now well known and was also launched as part of ‘the glassand half full production’ Company, the first song released was ‘Zingalo’ ftTinnieto promote fair trade Cadburys Dairy Milk.Screen 5, the SWOT analysis, when researching the SWOT analysis I found outtheseThe strengths - Cadburys- Dairy milk is the largest conducting supplier with the9.9 % of the global market.The is a high financial strength, the sales turned over the year which started in1997, the money £7971.4 this was per year, and the percentage per year is 9.4%In the Cadburys, dairy milk there is a strong manufacturing competence, thebrand name is popular and the leader is modern of products of today.The advantage of this product is that the marketing and the advertising justconcentrate on the chocolate and also understanding of the audience and thebuyer’s options towards the product.The weaknesses - The product is dependant on the confectionary and beveragesmarket, however on other hand, other products such as Nestle have a morediverse product portfolio, where profit can be invest on other parts of thebusiness. However dairy milk invest in just there many products.Other products have more experience even though dairy milk is world widehowever it is very strong in Europe, they maybe a lack of understanding of thenew emerging markets compared to other products.The opportunities - New Market meaning there could be an expanding of theemerging markets of China, Russia and India. This is because of the increasing ofpopularity, consumers wealth is increasing and the demand for confectionaryproduct is increasing.The confectionary market is set apart by a high degree of merger and gainingactivity throughout the years. Opportunities exist to increase share throughtargeted acquisition.There is a key to survive within the FMCG market is increasing competence andreducing costs. The dairy milk fuel for growth and effectiveness programmesseek to bring cost savings.
  3. 3. Firstly, moving production to LEDC s, where raw materials and labour ischeaper.Secondly, reduce internal cost - supple chains efficiency, global sourcing andprocurement, and wise investment in R&D.Modernisation is a key point; because the change of the consumers taste andpreferences is a big issue otherwise there would be no sells. So therefore thereneeds to be lower calories and low in fat to be able to achieve more in themarketing.Screen 6, the unique selling point, firstly it is a worldwide product, majority ofthe worlds population know what the product is. Its advertisement techniquesare unusual and different, therefore the consumers and buyers that areinterested would be more concerned about what this product is. The product ispart of Fair Trade and is selling chocolate that is fair trade and that is natural sotherefore no worry about any ingredients that aren’t shown in the advert whenbeing advertise, so no fakery. The is a variety of Dairy Milk such as Dairy MilkFruit and Nut , Dairy Milk Bubbley , etcetc. These were the unique selling pointsfor Cadburys Dairy Milk.Screen 7, the marketing of Dairy Milk, the history of dairy milk, as soon as itstarted was high in marketing, one of the highest product to hit the selves, Thehistory of the marketing of dairy milk, in 1913 it was the best selling Cadburysproduct, this put an edge towards making it world wide, by 1922 Cadburysopened a factory in Tasmania making the Cadburys Dairy Milk for Australianmarket.In Mid 1920s Dairy Milk become UK brand leader - a position it stillenjoys today. In 1928 Fruit & Nut was introduced as a variation of Dairy Milk.The "glass and a half" advertising slogan was introduced, which made Cadburysstronger and more world wide, and is still stronger today .In 1933 WholeNut wasadded to the Dairy Milk family, this straight away sold world wide. By 1948Cadburys Dairy Milk was sold in India.In 1998 Dairy Milk re-launched with the new and modern pack design, but itsrecipe and unique taste are still very similar to the original recipe, which now isselling in 33 other countries making the biggest selling chocolate of all time.DairyMilk is the highest in the food, chocolate market, its reasons why Cadburys DairyMilk is so famous and so well known is because in 2009 Dairy Milk went fairtrade tripling the fair trade cocoa sourced from Ghana, meaning sticking to thefair trade scheme Cadburys will pay a guaranteed minimum.Screen 8, Cadburys Dairy Milk rivals, Dairy Milk biggest rival is Galaxy, reasonswhy these brands are against each other are firstly, they are the biggest two wellknown brands, they have the most support in there consumers and buyer’s allover the world. However what makes them different to each other and less likeeach other is the advertisement strategies and how well they connect withdifferent genders and ages. Firstly I found a video on the internet of a surveythat was done in September 2008 by a marketing magazine. They were askingthe public what type of chocolate they eat and enjoy, it was between Dairy Milkor Galaxy. Here it is
  4. 4. dex=62. After watching the video over and over again I made a tally of whatchocolate the public would enjoy more. There was two questions in the survey, 9people were asked, the first question was what was there favourite chocolateand the second question was what was the most remember able advert out of thetwo companies. For the first question, there were three answers that was DairyMilk, Galaxy or Neither. The results were 3-said Galaxy 4 said Dairy Milk and 1said Neither. So therefore more people enjoyed Dairy Milk to Galaxy. The secondquestion was do you remember any of the brands advertisements, the answerswas yes, no or cant remember. 3 said yes I remember Galaxy adverts, 4 said yes Iremember Dairy Milk adverts. The advert that was most said was the Gorillaadvert playing the drums. 1 said I cant remember. So throughout the surveyDairy Milk was the most popular out of the 2 questions. So therefore theadvertising of their product is most remember able, the reasons as said in the ad,galaxy leaves a thick chocolaty taste in your mouth, another reason why DairyMilk is more remember able is because Dairy Milk chocolate is more natural andthe technique od dairy milk is better. The advertisement of dairy milk is said tobe strange but also brilliant. The galaxy however is said to be smooth and morecreamy, the advertisement for Galaxy they use the brands silk in one of theadverts and there is a use of identification in sex and the city which majority ofthe world have heard of. So therefore there going to approve more when usingidentification.Screen 10, secondary research I found most of it on the internet, ive recorded Iton my stixy. Here are some screen shots of my research. I researched on stixy,the history, the advertisement skills, the adverts, the SWOT analysis and muchmore.Screen 11, primary research. I asked facebook friends to fill out a survey, 20people responded 12 female 6 male, the questions I asked was what was therefavourite brand, what was there favourite chocolate they ate and what was therefavourite type of chocolate. So as you can see dairy milk one at of the 2 questionthat had Cadburys dairy milk in them. The third question was the type ofchocolate as you can see milk chocolate one, so therefore Dairy milk get the vote,as it is a dairy milk chocolate. So therefore I now know it is a good product topick to advertise on. There was other questions asked ‘ if they had 100,000 tomake an Cadburys Dairy milk ad, what would be there idea. I ask this because Iwanted a perspective from a buyers or fans point of view. Some people said todress up in various animal costumes and play different instruments, this surveyhelped me because I now know what my audience what or have gave me ideas ofthe next Cadburys Dairy Milk advert.Screen 12, the techniques in the Cadburys Dairy Milk adverts, the techniques areunusual and clever, here is a few adverts I analysed on stixy. Advert 1, theadvertisement strategies is to use younger generations to be able to persuadethe audience to buy the product. They use identification to engage the viewersthat they have a celebrity in there advert so therefore the audience think that itis a better advert. The target audience is for younger generations it seems,however in the 80s in advertisement there was no law targeting younggenerations towards ‘unhealthy’ food. So therefore it was easier to persuade. The
  5. 5. second advert, the advertisement strategies changed and they were engagingthe audience by using sex appeal, female abilities’ towards the product, they alsoused a calm and collective voice over throughout the advert so the audiencewhat get trapped in this advert and its harder to say no. The target audiencewhen looking back out the advert, the women biting the chocolate, there is adefinite female prospect in the advert. However there was a male commentary sotherefore also male prospects. However there is no sign of children in thisadvert. So the target audience isn’t targeted at younger generations. The thirdadvert the advertisement strategies is to make the advert unusual but fun, thefact that they haven’t had an advert like this before it shows the risk inadvertisement in the product and how it is presented. The target audience forthis advert is someone that is interested in drums, music and chocolate. Its forpeople who are creative, so it targets audiences such as older teens and above.The fourth advert again in this advert shows creativity and an imaginative mind,there is also a use in comically uses it is also to engage the audience. The targetaudience there is children in this advert so therefore engaging younger children.However it has a family feeling if you wanted to watch it with your family so thetarget audience are families that enjoy chocolate in way that can be creative. Thefirth advert shows the advertisement strategies is to use well known songs thiswould get music lovers involved, this is creativity and is not shown before. Thetarget audience is someone that enjoys trucks and transport, however you couldsay it was targeting children because of the trucks, they come alive just like theanimation film, cars. So younger children are aimed at this advert.So therefore after researching Cadburys Dairy Milk, my conclusion on making anew advert is to make it fun and that targets majority of audience and genders.So my idea consists of two friends hanging out, friend 1 is playing the guitar,friend to is just chilling wanting to play the guitar. However friend 1 wont letfriend to play, so friend 2 thinks of ways to distract friend 1, and goes downstairsto get the last Cadburys Dairy Milk chocolate bar, friend 2 takes it upstairs, andthe friends swap the objects. So friend 2 has the guitar and friend 1 has thechocolate and starts eating it. Friend 2 is playing guitar while looking at friend 1eating the chocolate and now regrets swapping. It then ends with a sad face onfriend 2 playing guitar and a happy face on friend 1 eating the chocolate and thenthe slogan appears, saying Dairy its in the milk. The setting in my advert wouldeither me a house or a room, which will look realistic with teenagers living there.This is so that the audience can get the vibe of the story and to be able to engageand understand the advert. The actors in my advert im thinking two females,reasons for this is because there is only two people that are in my advert andalso the gender for Cadburys Dairy Milk involve female so therefore decidedfemales. The purpose of the guitar is the joy of music that mix into theirchocolate, like ‘half and glass full production.’