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State fair presentation


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State fair presentation

  1. 1. With Adam Gerhardstein&Meredith Schonfeld HicksThe Minnesota State Fair
  2. 2. Map
  3. 3. Miracle of Birth Center
  4. 4. Miracle of Birth Center II
  5. 5. Sweet Martha’sCookies and AllYou Can DrinkMilk
  6. 6. The MN Congressional DelegationOn behalf of SenatorFranken, thank you for yourrequest. Unfortunately, Senator Franken will be inMinnesota at that time and isunable to accommodate yourevent. He did ask me to passalong his sincere appreciationfor thinking of him, and hewishes Emily a happy 30thbirthday.Thank you for yourunderstanding.
  7. 7. Giant Sing Along
  8. 8. Giant Sing Along II
  9. 9. On a stick
  10. 10. Butter sculpturesYou see, Princess Kay is the Minnesota Niceprincess. The Princess Kay contest is the antithesisto the big-haired, spray-tanned, heels-and-swimsuit pageants that also (somehow) still exist.These girls are not crown-hungry divas clawing ateach other in uncivilized attempts at snagging thecoveted title and associated glory. These areMidwestern farm girls. Their enthusiasm for thedairy industry is genuine. These ladies really docompete for this title at least partially—if notprimarily—to aid and honor the industry in whichthey were raised.
  11. 11. Condom on-a-stick (TWSS)•Pro-Choice Resources•Only pro-choice boothat the Fair•Run an abortionassistance fund, leadadvocacy efforts andprovide sexualityeducation•Facilitate a post-abortion discussion andsupport group
  12. 12. The Great Minnesota Get Together
  13. 13. See you at the Fair!August 22- September 2, 2013