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Take Charge of Your Digital Life


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Take Charge of Your Digital Life

  1. 1. Take charge of your digital lifePresenter NamePresenter Organization
  2. 2. Angela’s passworddidn’t protect her
  3. 3. Use strong passwords and keep them secretUse strong passwords Long Mix capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols Easy for you to remember; hard for others to guess Examples: Milo likes to play football – M!loLikes2PlayF00tball Strong passwords are safer – Str0ngpassw0rdsRsafer! I love popcorn – !L0veP0pc0rn
  4. 4. Don’t share your password or PIN WITH ANYONE Not even your best friend Use different passwords for differentaccounts Use different passwords fordifferent accounts
  5. 5. Clicking unknownlinks can leadto trouble
  6. 6. Think, then click Before you click links Before you open attachments Even if you know the sender
  7. 7. You can’t take it back
  8. 8. Share with care Don’t share suggestive photos or videos Make social network pages private Keep personal info private Be choosy about adding friends Share your accomplishments
  9. 9. You see kindnessand cruelty onsocial networks
  10. 10. You see kindness andcruelty on social networks88%of teens surveyedwitnessed cruelty 78% of teens surveyed reported at least one good outcome
  11. 11. What you do onlinedoesn’t stay online 8% physical fight6%trouble atschool 22% ended a friendship 25% face-to-face argument
  12. 12. Be a real friend If you wouldn’t wear it, don’t share it Stand up for your friends Keep personal details of others to yourself
  13. 13. Pirated programsare not a game
  14. 14. Connect honestly and carefully Download files legally Use web content honestly Use social sites appropriately Meet an online “friend” in person VERY cautiously
  15. 15. Use strongpasswords andkeep them secret
  16. 16. Think, then click
  17. 17. Sharewith care
  18. 18. Be a real friend
  19. 19. Connect honestlyand carefully
  20. 20. More helpful info Chat with other teens: What it takes to be savvy online: Stand up to bullying: Help from Microsoft:
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