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Wordcamp Melbourne 2011


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Create a social media strategy in 30 mins

Published in: Business, Technology
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Wordcamp Melbourne 2011

  1. 1. *DISCLAIMER*Many of the images in this presentation did not have image credits and I also take no credit for them. All written content remains property of
  3. 3. DEFINE YOUR OBJECTIVEWithout an objective social media will pull you in many directions.
  4. 4. LISTENWhat are people saying about you/ your business/ your niche? Set up a listening post.
  5. 5. SHARE OF VOICEThere are already conversations happening. Which ones are you a part of? Are they the right ones?
  6. 6. OBSERVE COMPETITORSWhat are they saying about your nice? About you customers and about YOU!
  7. 7. IDENTIFY INFLUENCERSWho do your readers/customers/followers trust?
  8. 8. ASK EXPERTS/ COMMUNITYFind like minded bloggers/ people to network with and to inspire you. Ask questions...
  9. 9. BUILD A CONTENT STRATEGY create a “tower” of content
  10. 10. CREATE AND DELIVERCreate a blogging schedule and stick to it. Schedule in tweets and social media around your content.
  11. 11. PLATFORMSAre not one size fits all. Find one that works for you. Start with one or two and find your sweet spot.
  12. 12. ENGAGEConversation is a two way communication.
  13. 13. MEASUREDefine your own metrics that work for YOU. Measure, Analyse and tweak.
  14. 14. AUTODIDACT Educate yourself.
  15. 15. 1. LISTEN TO YOUR AUDIENCE then ask, then speak
  16. 16. 2. DEFINE WHAT YOUR OBJECTIVES What do you want?
  17. 17. MECHANICSWhat will your strategy look like? How will you do this? How will it change the way you interact with your readers?
  18. 18. PLATFORMSFind your sweet spot. Use technology you are comfortable with. stay up to date with trends and changes.
  19. 19. FIND ME... Twitter: @emilydoig @socialmedia_auFacebook :