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Things to Do in London in Winter Part-1

London turns into a winter wonderland during the colder months when the snow covers the whole scene. And it’s a delight to visit London during this time especially for those people whose sunny climate doesn’t allow such scenery. If you’re looking to plan a visit to London during winter, this guide by is sure to help you. Part 2 will soon be uploaded, don’t forget to check out again.

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Things to Do in London in Winter Part-1

  1. 1. Visiting London in winter may not seem an obvious choice but there’s a special charm about London winters that prompts tourists to keep coming for more. Don’t let your London trip be spoiled, come rain or snow. There’s one thing that you can never be sure of in London and that’s weather. So, be prepared for the cold snap as you don’t want the weather to put paid to your best laid plans. And to make sure that doesn’t happen, here are a few things to do in London during the frosty months.
  2. 2. If It’s Raining Let’s face it! Rain is a part of “London experience”. A light drizzle on a fairly warm day feels like skies are falling in love. But rain in winter is like salt to injury. But don’t worry, even in the drizzles, London is ready to rain fun on you. Not to mention, you can’t enjoy alfresco lunch or a walk in the park, but there are a lot of fun things to do in London on a rainy day.
  3. 3. London Museums