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Analysing Genres


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Analysing Genres

  1. 1. Emily Campbell
  2. 2.  This is a specific type of something in this case a type of film. They have characteristics that separate them and define what the audience expects.
  3. 3.  Women - They are either the damsels in distress or the antagonist.;jsessionid=1029C143553D51E7F9A017DA3F9CAF7E#  Men – A father figure or the savior of the film. Here is the father in the family and the savior of the film. Insidious  Children – They are the ones targeted by the antagonist, usually help save everyone.
  4. 4. • Usually dark, abandoned places far from help, if set in a house the characters will have just moved there. The Conjuring Wilmington, North Carolina, USA (Carolina Apartments) The Descent Perth and Kinross, Scotland Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England Tring, Hertfordshire, England
  5. 5.  Trending at the moment is the theme of demonic possession and interference from spirits.  Common situations are a family moving to a new house or a spirit possessing a member of the family.  Another theme is that warnings are seen and ignored with bad consequences.
  6. 6.  Candles and matches  Chainsaw/ knife weapons ect.  Ouija board  Blood  Doll/ childrens toys  Door handle  Doors  Mirror  Camera/ video camera
  7. 7.  Use of ambient diegetic sounds like footsteps to create tension, along with non-diegetic sounds like a heartbeat.  Discordant music with a high or very low pitch to create tension or silence to create suspense and to emphasize loud bangs and ‘jumpy’ moments.
  8. 8.  Dark colours used such as greys and black but paired with red.  Lighting from unusual places e.g. natural light through windows, bonfires and torches.  Quick shots for exciting, long shots to create suspense.  Use of unusual camera work such as extremely high and low shots.