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Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease


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As unfair as it may be, women who stay silent in the workplace tend to go unnoticed and underpaid. Women who advocate for able to effectively themselves will be more likely to get what they deserve.

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Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

  1. 1. SQUEAKY WHEEL AUGUST 2017 Archery Club
  2. 2. Get the recognition.
  3. 3. #Goals 1 2 3 Define value Communicate value Know your Audience 3
  4. 4. WARNING
  5. 5. The following is based on life experience, not research.
  6. 6. …under the assumption that the system is totes rigged.
  7. 7. Whats it worth? Defining value
  8. 8. Themes 9 •Uncomfortable topics. •Casting a negative light. •The work speaks for itself. •Trusting in whats “fair.” •Fear.
  9. 9. Contribute to the Bottom Line 10 •Understand the business. •Whats our unique skillset? •What do we bring to the table? •Back it up with data. •Imply a dollar value.
  10. 10. Value is NOT….Value is…. • Qualifying • Quantifying • Constructive • Strategic • Proactive • Healthy • Win Win • Bragging • Sneaky • False Flattery • Dishonest • Argumentative Defining Value
  11. 11. Find Your Style. Communicating Value
  12. 12. Getting Comfortable 13 •Language, Style, Demeanor. Its all important. •Go outside the system. •Be preemptive with proving value. •Self promote. •Positive, realistic, and gracious.
  13. 13. Tips: 14 •Cultivate a relationship. •Leave room for negotiation. •Don’t bury the lead. •Come from a place of YES. •Focus on the Win-Win. •PRACTICE.
  14. 14. Relationships, Relationships, Relationships.
  15. 15. An Inconvenient Truth Know your Audience
  16. 16. Negotiating after a “NO” 17 •Create a plan together. •Negotiate Timeline/Scope. •Negotiate PTO/Title. •Everything is up for bargaining.
  17. 17. Know Your Audience 18 •Do they enjoy playing the game? •Do they feed off emotions? •Do they need to sell this to their boss? •Are they a cog in a machine?
  18. 18. Your tips and experiences?
  19. 19. DiscussionHOMEWORK