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Finding Your Voice as a Woman in Business


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Women in business face many obstacles to having their voices heard and earning respect in the business world. In this meeting the women at Cake & Arrow discussed tactics for finding our voices and earning the respect and esteem of colleagues and clients.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Finding Your Voice as a Woman in Business

  1. 1. Archery Club Finding Your Voice, Led By: Christina JANUARY 20, 201
  2. 2. When a woman speaks in a professional setting, she walks a tightrope. Either she’s barely heard or she’s judged as too aggressive. THE NEW YORK TIMES “
  3. 3. Female executives, vastly outnumbered in boardrooms and C- suites and with few role models and sponsors, report feeling alone, unsupported, outside their comfort zones, and unable to advocate forcefully for their perspectives in many high-level meetings. HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW “ THE DIVERSITY ANTI-CYCLE
  4. 4. Key Strategies Practice Have a list of points that you could say prepared and practices so that you are confident and ready. Be succinct, don’t go off on tangents and be relevant. Don’t Apologize When you apologize you undermine yourself. Balance Passion Being too passionate makes you look emotional. Being too deadpan makes your message go unheard.
  5. 5. Discussion & Sharing
  6. 6. Articles and conferences for future learning. Deep Dive • • and-dont-apologize/ • Conference: • sunday/speaking-while-female.html?_r=0 • minorities-are-punished-for-speak-1766927323 • talking-while-female-manterruptions/ • Google “Women Speaking Up”
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