Fashion photography


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Fashion photography

  2. 2. History Fashion photography is one of the genres of photography that displays a variety of different fashions shown in magazines or adverts. Fashion photography has also been around since the start of photography and had started to be known because of the rise in fashion magazines like ‘Harper Bazer’ made in 1967 followed by ‘Vogue’, which came out in 1982, both of these was used to present different fashions to the public.
  3. 3. Adolph De Meyer 1898 Adolph de Meyer was born in 1868 and grew up in Paris until immigrating to England to join the Royal Photographic Society and the Linked Ring. He was a famous photographer known for taking portraits of celebrities in the early 20th century. Adolph then moved to New York and became the first fashion photographer for the well known magazine ‘Vogue’ in 1913. In my Opinion I think that Adolph’s work is interesting because the models in the photograph show a lot of shapes in their poses to show the background of themselves to suit the clothes they are modelling inparticular.
  4. 4. Cecil Beaton 1927 Cecil Beaton was born in 1904 in London, England. He was an English fashion, war and portrait photographer. When he was a child he admired the pictures of society ladies that usually came in the Sunday newspapers. In 1920s he was a photographer for ‘Vogue’ and ‘Vanity Fair’ magazines. Not only was Cecil was a photographer but he was also a diarist, interior designer and a costume designer. All of Cecil’s images had the same king of style as he focuses on the person more by always placing them in the centre of the photograph. In my opinion Iike how the model is always placed in the middle and looking directly at the camera because it involves the audience more into the photograph.
  5. 5. Norman Parkinson 1931 Norman Parkinson was born in February 1990 and was an English portrait and fashion photographer. He made a new style of photography which was more full of humor and life. His aim was to take pictures of people moving with a still camera. Norman was also on of the first photographers to take his models outside the studios and photographed them s real women in real life situations. In my opinion I think that he shows good style and glamour in all his photographs. I also like the way he takes his models outside and places them against unusual backgrounds, making his work look very unique.
  6. 6. Erwin Blumenfeld 1938 Erwin Blumenfeld was born, 1897 in Germany and is known as one of the most influential photographers in the 20th century. He created a wide range of work from black and white nudes, celebrity portraits to advertising campaigns and then fashion photography in the 1940s and 1950s, when he started working for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. The main theme for most of Blumenfled’s work was death and women. In my opinion I think that his work showed death well in his photographs as he was limited on colour and used more black and white.
  7. 7. William Klein 1948 William Klein was born April 1928 in New York to a Jewish family. In his early days when he first started this career in photography he focused on fashion photography in black and white images. In his images he would give the model a fashion item to make his pictures look modern. After his fashion photography he went on to going round the streets and taking pictures of everyday life. In my opinion I think that Klein’s work shows a good meaning to fashion and beauty in his photographs. I also like his other work when he explores the streets to take random pictures of people on the streets as it shows what happens in everyday life.
  8. 8. Guy Bourdin 1955 Guy Bourdin was born December, 1928 in Paris and is one of the best known photographers of fashion and advertising. His first photographs were published in ‘Vogue Paris’ magazine in 1955 and he then worked for them until 1987. Bourdin’s aim was to capture a moment which looked sensual, shocking, unusual, surrealistic and even a bit creepy and then adding a fashion item to them. He then became one of the most influenced and fabulous photographers in the 20th Century. In my opinion I think that Bourdin’s work looks strange and mysterious. I also think that his images look graphically strong with a weird sense of isolation and surrealism.
  9. 9. David Bailey 1958 David Bailey was an English photographer born in January, 1938. He first became a photographic assistant at John French studio to start off his career in photography, he then went on to working at John Cole’s studio five before working for British Vogue magazine in 1960 as a fashion photographer. David took portraits of celebrities and rock stars and the images was always about the person in the picture and not about himself, he also didn’t care about the composition in his photographs, he only cared about the emotions showed by the person to stand out more. In my opinion I think that David Bailey’s work is just a range of simple black and white images of celebrities and pop stars. I like the way he thinks about what the persons personalities like and tries to show that in the photograph.
  10. 10. Patrick Demarchelier 1975 Patrick Demarchelier was born in Paris, 1943 and began his love for photography at just the 17 years old. In 1975 he relocated to New York City to follow his girlfriend and then looked into fashion photography by being a freelance photographer and then learning and working for other well known photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. He then went onto working for Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazine’s in 1992. In my opinion I think that Patrick’s photograph are just simple portraits of celebrities that show a range of different fashion and beauty.
  11. 11. David Lachapelle 1980 David LaChapelle is an American photographer born in March, 1963. He was discovered by Andy Warhol and spent most of his career photographing for magazines and advertisements. LaChapelle was raised as a Catholic and this influenced in his photography work and sometimes showed celebrities as religious figures. In my opinion I think that David Lachapelle’s work looks ironic and surreal. I also like how he recreates his images and changes religious pictures to make them look more modern.