Preliminary Task Analysis


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Preliminary Task Analysis

  1. 1. Preliminary Task Analysis ‘Betrayal’ By Emily Barrett
  2. 2. Pre – Productiono Planning – I found this stage of creating our short film fairly easy. Creating a plot took me and my group about an hour with a lot of discussion and compromising. I feel that viewers could get slightly confused with the plot as the film contains more depth than what is actually shown in the film so without being there to plan it and discuss in detail, viewers would not know the additional information.o Choosing a Set – This stage of producing out film confronted us with the first od our problems. We found that after filming the first few shots of our film, the room we decided to film in was constantly in use by other people, this caused us to re-shoot everything we shot which thankfully, wasn’t a significant amount. We overcame this problem quickly although it did take us a bit longer to shoot everything for our film.
  3. 3. Production..o Filming – Whilst filming, we had very little problems however it did take us more time than the other groups. My group and I made our decisions fairly quickly in terms of who would be acting and who would be filming which I feel ultimately, were the best decisions in order to get an effective film. I was chosen to film along with another member of my group, I found that the cameras were easy to use which meant that any problems with the cameras were avoided. We also used other resources available such as a tripod which allowed us to get steady shots so that the viewer didn’t become disorientated when it came to watch the final film. On the other hand, our group did find it difficult to remember everything we had and hadn’t shot as well and trying to remember the positions of objects and the actors in the room so we could refrain from moving them so that when it came to editing our film, the shot’s didn’t look disjointed or misplaced.
  4. 4. Production Continuedo Editing – At this stage, our group split up so that we were on our own to create our own individual films with all the shot we took in filming. Having never used the software in order to edit a film before, it took me a bit of time to get used to particular things with the software such as how to trim shots and adjust the sound etc. However, time allowed me to progress with ease as I became used to the software and the various things that I could use within the software in order to get a clean cut final film. Some problems that I faced during this stage is the fact that I begin with, it was almost impossible to get much editing done within one lesson as the software was much too slow and didn’t respond every 5 minutes. This issue was quickly sorted due to switching the film to a different drive on the computer which meant that I could watch my clips and edit them much quicker without having to wait for my software to ‘un-freeze’. Additionally, I wasn’t able to add any sound/sound effects to my film due to the problem with some websites which were blocked or weren’t working, this set me back for a while whilst I tried to explore other options in order to put some sound effects into my film such as youtube, using a microphone etc. These alternative options also proved unsuccessful which meant that my film didn’t contain any sound. However, after completing my film, it has filled all the specification points it need to and is smoothly cut.
  5. 5. Post – Productiono Uploading – After I completed my film, it was required that we had to upload out video up onto our personal youtube accounts and blog. This didn’t take up a significant amount of time but you did have to wait for our video’s to load so it was physically possible to put our video’s on youtube, The only problem I faced at this stage was that I wasn’t able to upload my video straight from the computer I was using: instead I had to put it onto a memory stick and use another computer so it then became possible for me to post my short film onto youtube. Other than this minor issue, this stage was straight forward.