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Deconstruction of empire magazine


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Deconstruction of empire magazine

  2. 2. WRITTEN CODES  The masthead is in a red bold font, this draws attention to it. This also makes it easy to distinguish on the shelf.  This is also in capitals, this shows importance and adds emphasis. Part of the masthead is covered by his head. They have done this as they know that empire is a well known magazine so people will still know it is empire even with letters covered  The strapline in the magazine is ‘Nobody does it better’; like the masthead it is also in capitals which shows it’s importance. This is obviously talking about James Bond as just in front it has the ‘007’ symbol. This suggests he is the best at what he does and is a bit untouchable and unbeatable making him a bit of a threat.
  3. 3. WRITTEN CODES  There are smaller coverlines on the right hand side and above the small picture on the left. These are gold and black. This carries on the sophisticated and more upmarket colour scheme of this magazine.  These coverlines are also in capitals, like all the other text on this page and is very short and can be skim read and glanced at. This is something that magazines must have as the reader will want to be able to see what content is in the magazine quickly.
  4. 4. WRITTEN CODES  The name of the film ‘Skyfall’ is centred on the page and is the biggest coverline so we know it’s related to the main picture  Underneath the main coverline there is ‘50 years of Bond’ this is in a serif font and is much more of an old fashioned font. This may suggest the link back to it being a classic and that it’s been going on for a long time.
  5. 5. PHOTOGRAPHIC CODES  The main picture has a direct mode of address. This makes the audience feel more involved as he is looking directly at them.  It is long shot so we can see from his knee’s upward. We can see his stance which is very confident and powerful and shows he has nothing to hide.  We can also see his hands, therefore seeing him holding the gun, this shows him as dominant and that he can take on anything and ready for battle. This contrasts to his clothes as he’s dressed very smart in a black suit and white shirt which isn’t the type of clothes you’d fight in.  His clothing also matches the theme of the magazine which is very sophisticated and smart.
  6. 6. PHOTOGRAPHIC CODES  There are two other pictures on the page, they are on a curvy red film reel. This adds to the effect of the magazine as it is about films.  Both pictures are a mid shot. The picture on the left has a indirect mode of address, she has fire behind her, yet looks very calm, relaxed and glamorous. This could also she is a powerful character.  The other picture looks a lot more comedic. He is wearing a fake moustache and has an over the top questioning look on his face. He is looking directly at the audience as if to question them.
  7. 7. COLOURS  The magazine uses silver as the background, this is a very sophisticated, modern colour. It may suggest power and wealth and maybe suggest how important someone is.  The other colour used is black. This is a mysterious colour and a bit secretive; this could suggest this is the type of person James Bond is.  Over the top of the background and main image is bullet shots, this looks like they have been shot through glass. It could suggest they’ve been shot at him but have missed, making him untouchable and a hero that he’s dodge them. It could also suggest he shot them, as he has got a gun in his hand. He looks very clam and cool so it could suggest it’s something he does a lot.