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Crimson Presentation

  1. 1. Music Video
  2. 2. Intro...Band name: CrimsonSingle: Common PeopleMy aim on this unit was to create a successfulmusic video, Promotional poster and digi packfor my band called Crimson and make itappealing to their target audience. The targetaudience are males and females from theage of 18-40 who are middle class peoplethat love music, socialising, drinking andhaving great fun living their lives to thefullest and not taking themselves soseriously.The idea of our music video is about twogroups of people. Common people and
  3. 3. Non- common people. The storyline builds up to a big powderpaint fight between the twogroups. The non common peoplewant to have fun and be likecommon people. We are keepingto the genre characteristics, thismusic video is light hearted its nota serious story line its about havingfun and letting your hair downwhich reflects our band Crimson.
  4. 4. In what ways dose your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? We have chosen to create a music video for a song sung by the real band Pulp. We have watched their music video and decided we wanted to recreate a part of a scene. Our Intertextual references was the common people music video trolley scene, as show in the pictures. Also we got in idea to do some thing like the cash in my pocket music video where it was continuously shot in one sequence. We only wanted to do a little part of this and even that took about 12 takes. The first one is of Billy saying a line and then he goes through a door, then Archie comes through the door and says a line. Originally after that Laura was supposed to come down the stairs as Archie goes up but when the footage was uploaded it was out of sync, so we cut it and filmed that bit separately.
  5. 5. We kept to the codes and conventions of a music video, suchas visuals moving along to the beat, fast cuts, split screens,close-ups, extreme close-ups, mid shots, lip syncing, longsshots and a storyline.I looked at a lot of music videos that I personally liked forinspiration, such as Coldplay, Every tear drop is a waterfall video. My favourite thing about the video is the stopmotion and the text that says the lyrics. I like howcolourful and fun it looks, it put me in an uplifting mood.This is how I want people to feel when they watchcommon people, make them happy and laugh.
  6. 6. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?As a whole the combination of the main product, music video, and the ancillary texts, digi packand poster, in my opinion work really well together. They all have links with each other. I havekept things the same to make it clear they are for a band called ‘Crimson’. Overall I think that themusic video is the strongest product, then my digi pack and then my poster. I think it is the buildup that makes our video strong and how much fun it looks, it may get the audience thinking thathey want to get involved.
  7. 7. This is my final digi packdesign that I made for myband ‘Crimson’. I wanted itto be eye catching so thatsomeone going shoppingfor a CD would see itstanding out from the rest.I also wanted my digi packto reflect my music videofor ‘common people’. Iwanted the front cover tobe simple but also lookgood. For my album coverI got my inspiration froman existing album called‘Silver Side Up’ which is by Nickleback. I kept to the codes and conventions of themusic video and band, which is fun, exiting and an in your face attitude. I decided notto take a screen shot from the video and put it on the front cover because I wanted touse something unique and that is not seen in the video. The reason why the face ismulticoloured is to make a link between the powder paint fight in the video and thedigi pack. The text ‘Explosion of colour’ was originally also multicoloured just like onmy poster but I couldnt see the text because it blended in with the background so Imade it all red. The reason why I choose red is because the band is called ‘Crimson’which is also a colour (red). From my research looking at other Indi pop bandstypography they all seen to be in capitals and black and white. The reason why‘Crimson’ is in capitals is because it’s the name of the band and is most important,‘Explosion of colour’ is the name of the album so it shouldnt take the attention away from the bands name.
  8. 8. I used Photoshop to edit my digipack. I had a rough idea of whatI wanted my final product tolook like when I planned outwith a drawing, It looked betterin my head that on paper. Ihave included all of the codesand conventions used to makeup a didgi pack such as spines,barcode, front cover, backcover, institution logo, name ofthe songs, name of the bandand the CD. From the feed backI got I was told to include apicture of the lead singerWhich is on the middle panel, originally I had an image of watercoloursdripping down a page but I edited it which is now the background image andput the lead singer on top. I carefully thought of the names of the songs toreflect the bands personality, also on the panel is another image of half apainted face. Next to that is an image of people in the music video whichwould make a clear connection with the video and digi pack. On the CD I puta picture of the powder paint and also added the band and album nameswhat I have seen from my research most CD’s have this. On the final panel Ihave put an image I took of my chin, this image is also on my posterpromoting the single ‘Common People’. I think my digi pack is successful as Ifeel as though the bands personality is coming out with the bright funcolours. Also I think it defiantly applies to the bands target audience.
  9. 9. This is my final poster design to promote the• This is my poster foralbum and single. I also made this by usingPhotoshop. Just like my album cover I wanted it crimsonto look simple yet effective. I like how the chinis the most dominant part of the poster so itwill peoples catch attention and then peoplewill read ‘Crimson’ and the coming out date.This chin as also on my digi pack which make alink between the two. Unlike my album, on theposter ‘Explosion of colour’ is multi colouredwhich was my original idea. The typography isthe same as my digi pack. I placed the text inthe middle of the poster from largest tosmallest to show importance. I think the blackbackground makes everything stand out. Frommy research red black and white are the threemain colours used in advertising because theyall stand out from each other. In the bottomcorners I have put the Rough trade logo whichthe band are signed to, the HMV logo and theDVD logo. Overall I really like my poster and Ithink that it makes a successful promotionposter.
  10. 10. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?I think that all of the feed back my group got was really good, by this I dont mean that it was positivefeedback we took on board what people were saying was wrong with our video and we wanted to improveon the parts where it was being criticized. From the first viewing we have made a lot of changes to ourvideo. Everything that we have been told to change we have done and now our video looks even better.In our feed back there were a few comments about lip synching in some parts of the video where it is out oftime and not very clear. We wanted to improve on this so it meant getting rid of all of our band footage andfinding a new lead singer as the person we choose originally wasnt enthusiastic enough with moving his lips,also a downfall was our own fault by not playing music while filming, so we also re shot some parts afterChristmas where I got an apple byte speaker which is really loud. We was told that our story line doesnt make sense because there is a lot of random footage in it. So we needed to create clues in the video that the powder paint fight is coming up. So at the start the powder paint pots are introduced.
  11. 11. Also there was a part in the middle of the song where the beat gets fast but we had a slow motion part there so we re-edited it so each visual cut matches the music. Now it looks even better and more professional, I learned that a music video in the charts has over 300 cuts.Although we got some negative feed back we did getpositive feed back too. Everyone loved the footagewe got of the powder paint fight. Also we got goodcomments on the split screens , slow motion and fastforward edits.
  12. 12. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?New media technologies where very useful in thisproject, they helped throughout the whole durationof making the music video, editing the music video,editing my poster and digi pack.Through the construction of our music video wehave used various media technologies. To film weused a flip camera and tripod to keep the camerasteady while filming, the only downfall with thesewas that we had to keep changing batteries quiteoften. But you get a really nice picture from them.We also used final cut pro which is a programme onthe computer that lets you edit the footage, cut it I also used my Appleup, rewind it , slow it down, speed it up. We hadfun experimenting with different techniques as Byte speaker soshown in our music video. We used Apple Mac people could singcomputers to do this on. We have also used a along to the musicwebsite called Blogger where we use it as a diary to while filming.update everything we are doing or any thing wehave changed it allows us to up load images andlinks.
  13. 13. We also used Facebook to arrange an event for our powderpaint fight because we needed a lot of people to make upthe two groups.(common people, on common people). Wearranged in a week advanced to give people notice on whatto wear and to meet on the field. A lot of people said thecouldnt make it. In the end we had about 8 people to filmwith but I think the footage looks good.To shear our video we used the social network. First it wasuploaded you YouTube, then I uploaded if to Facebookbecause that is where we would get most comments andviews. Then I looked for Pulps official Facebook page andposted it on there, I also tweeted it on twitter lots of timesand also tweeted it on the official Pulps twitter page. Andthen I tweeted it to Jarvis Cocker who is the lead singer ofPulp. So far we have 174 views on YouTube.