Stakeholder speech (Emi, Alec, Steven, & James)


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Stakeholder speech (Emi, Alec, Steven, & James)

  1. 1. Same Sex Marriage Stakeholders Presented by: Emily Loving, Alec Dickson, James Hall, and Steven Renbarger
  2. 2. Mainstream Sexuality • 3.5 percent identify as LGBT • 17 States have legalized gay marriage • 1996 to 2013, 27 percent to 53 percent
  3. 3. LGTBQ • Major Stakeholder since they are being discriminated against. • They have their rights in their interest. • Have the most to lose.
  4. 4. Government and Political Parties Republican • Defines marriage as one man, one woman • Military service • No recognition from state to state • Constitutional Amendment Democrat • Equal treatment under law • Marriage remains at state level • No federal ban
  5. 5. Religious Groups • Who? : Christianity 78.4% (Protestants 51.3% and Catholicism 23.9%) Judaism, Islam. • What are they saying? : There is a split between views; Islam and Orthodox Judaism are completely against homosexuality. The Reform and Reconstructionist Jewish movements are completely for samesex marriage. Some parts of Christianity are for homosexuality but are not for same-sex marriage.
  6. 6. Religious Groups • How do they see the issue? : The main argument for Christianity is that marriage should strictly be between a man and woman according to The Bible. • American Baptist Churches USA’s Pacific Southwest region split from the denomination because the national leadership did not penalize congregations that welcomed openly gay members. • This affects those involved with the church. Those who are affiliated with a certain church can have altered personal beliefs due to their church’s stance on same-sex marriage. This affects politicians and potential voters in future votes on marriage equality.
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