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Infozone Pitch 25.Nov.2012


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Presentation of Infozone project - mainly for VCs and business angels.

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Infozone Pitch 25.Nov.2012

  1. 1. FoundersEmiliyan Enev - CEO and project founder* Project steering and resource managementEmil Stoyanov - CTO and co-founder* Team leader and software development supervisorBoyan Petkov - Creative and co-founder• Design and user experienceStoyan Angelov - Marketing and sales * Marketing and sales
  2. 2. What do we disrupt?Capitalize on mobile as a disrupterDisrupting:• Traditional marketing• Daily deals model• Plastic and loyalty cards
  3. 3. Trends• Real-time marketing• Hyper local targeting• Marketing will be piece of software• Multichannel and multiscreen
  4. 4. Problem(businesses)How to reach, interactand attract more clientsnearby using the mobilechannel?
  5. 5. Problem (endusers)How to find what’s newaround me and seerelevant promotions -everywhere in 5seconds?
  6. 6. Solution• Help businesses implement their mobile strategy and attract clients nearby• Help end users find what is relevant, useful and beneficial around them – in 5 seconds
  7. 7. Features (endusers):Users are engaged withreal rewardsRelevant locationaware notifications
  8. 8. Features(businesses):Payment formeasurable resultPrecise targeting inreal time
  9. 9. Market & Competition• 600 000 + smartphones in Bulgaria• More than 3 mln. in Romania---• Daily deals websites• Four Square, Yelp, BGMaps, Yellow Pages, GetLokal
  10. 10. Traction & Metrics• 6 000 + objects in the system• 500+ app downloads weekly• 500 – 1000 daily website visits• Public beta Android app• Private beta iOS app
  11. 11. Scalable!• It is easily deployable platform• Adaptable for various regions/industries• Back office do all support / customization
  12. 12. Secret:Businesses engageusers as individuals
  13. 13. Monetization• Fee for distinctive featured profiles• Tariff for publishing promotions• Click to action services• 10 000 businesses will use the paid options in one year
  14. 14. ProjectValidated!
  15. 15. Investment180 000 EURConsidering the potential of the mobile marketing industry – 400% + return within 2-3 yearsExit – sale to strategic investor
  16. 16. How we will use the money?• Marketing activities (55% from budget):• Creating content (15%)• New features development (15%)• Technical support (7,5%)• General & Administrative costs (7,5%)
  17. 17. Thank you!