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Developing YOUR Personal Brand


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Presentation given by Emilie Mecklenborg and Heather Coleman-Voss at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, to kick off their Professional Development Workshop week. February 18, 2013

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Developing YOUR Personal Brand

  2. 2. Presented By: Emilie Mecklenborg Heather Coleman Voss
  3. 3. Everybody is talking about it, but what does it mean to have a Personal Brand?
  4. 4. What is a Personal Brand? Sense of humor Integrity  Work Ethic  Communication Style  Authenticity Passion “It’s No Longer About What You Know or Who You Know…” by Terry Bean, Founder of Motor City Connect and the #313DLove Project • Who needs to know about you? • What need are you best positioned to fill? • What differentiates you from others in your field or space?
  5. 5. Value Proposition: What do you stand for? Differentiation: What makes you stand out? Marketability: What makes you compelling? Source: Personal Branding consists of three elements:
  6. 6. 1. Define who YOU are Your passions? 2. Google yourself 3. Provide value Personal Branding enhances your self-awareness helps you clarify and reach your goals helps you create visibility and presence is about differentiation offers more control and power offers resilience
  7. 7. 7 Connection Conversation Community Participation Listen to your Target Audience Becoming a Source of Valuable Information Build your community Engage with your community Target your community Connect with leaders in your industry Be consistent - Update regularly Do not overload with promotional material or advertising Create useful and relevant content
  8. 8. Who Do Other People Think I Am? (List positive attributes other people have used to describe you) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  9. 9. Personal branding is not simply marketing yourself – it is your overall communication across social media platforms. Personal branding is about how you interact, the topics you discuss, your conversational style and the value you add in your niche areas. Video: What Is Brand Strategy?
  10. 10. Let’s take a look at the brand of Emilie Mecklenborg, Career Coach and Social Media Relations Manager of @FordCareers
  11. 11. Her conversation on social media platforms is largely centered around these topics…as it is in person. Authenticity is the key – you are the same person wherever you are, whether on Facebook or at an industry related networking event. Are you starting to see how this works?
  12. 12. Check out Heather Coleman Voss on Google Via your personal branding on platforms such as Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Wordpress and so forth, you will ‘own’ the first page of Google when people search for you.
  13. 13. Consistent picture is part of your overall personal brand.
  14. 14. Social Media Platforms for your interactive brand:
  15. 15. Seth Godin on Social Networking
  16. 16. What is your personal brand? What do you think your personal brand is now, at this moment? (Remember, you do not have to have a job in your preferred industry. This is about your talents, your personality and what is most important to you!) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  17. 17. Personal Branding Statement Create the sentence that best illustrates who you are and what you are about. “_________________________________.”
  18. 18. Where should you use your Personal Brand? Business cards Resume/cover letter/reference documents Portfolio showcasing your work Blog or website LinkedIn profile Facebook profile Twitter profile Video résumé Email address Email signature
  19. 19. Personal branding statements are for your business cards, resumes, social media platforms, blogs and so forth. Here are some samples of great branding statements – and great professionals to follow: “Foodie! Sometimes sarcastic, always looking to help others.” @DaveBenjamin “SENSITIVE? DON'T FOLLOW ME -- Feel free to criticize me in public!” @animal “Love instigating leadership. Driven to explore, learn, play music and ski.” @SusanMazza “Chief Troublemaker. Creative. Marketer. Entrepreneur. Speaker. I love shiny objects, bacon and business. On a mission to rekindle the fire in your belly.” @CharlieCurve “The Perfect Career Guy, Connector, Recruiter, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Arsenal Fan, Sports Junkie, Coffee Drinker, Mountain Biker, Runner! Best of all, Dad.” @leecoopers “I am far more interested in you than I will ever be in me. Author. Pro Speaker. Disruptive Marketing Force. @MotorCity Founder. Detroit Lover.” @TerryBean
  20. 20. “Do what you do so well, that others can’t resist telling people about it.” – Walt Disney