Sports Pics Mar 1


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Sports Pics Mar 1

  1. 1. Floating with the flakes Ryan St. Onge of the U.S. practices before the men's Freestyle Skiing aerials final at Cypress Mountain on Thursday. He glides through the sky at high speeds, but makes it looks so easy. Golden moment Canada's Sidney Crosby (87) is congratulated by his teammates after scoring the game- winning goal in overtime against the U.S. in the gold medal hockey game on Sunday. On paper, it appears too fanciful to believe. If you told someone, before the Olympics, that USA would beat Canada early in the tournament, yet it would still come down to a rematch with Canada playing the USA in the gold medal game, and that the contest would go into overtime with none other than Sidney Crosby scoring the game winner, no one would believe you. Yet that's exactly what happened.
  2. 2. Dominant force Jimmie Johnson makes a pit stop during a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series auto race on Sunday in Las Vegas. Johnson, the four-time defending Sprint Cup champ, won the race. Bobsled madness United States bobsledder Jamie Moriarty of USA-3 stumbles at the start and has to be pulled into the sled with teammates Mike Kohn, front, Bill Schuffenhauer, left, and Nick Cunningham,during the men's four-man bobsled competition on Friday. Celebration time Austria's Mario Stecher celebrates with teammate David Kreiner, right, after crossing the finish line to win the Nordic Combined Team final at the Olympics on Tuesday. Austria won the gold medal ahead of the U.S., who won silver.
  3. 3. Coaching failure Dutch coach Gerard Kemkers, left, encourages Netherland's Sven Kramer, right, during the men's 10,000-meter speed skating race on Tuesday. Kramer, who was on his way to winning the race, was disqualified for failing to switch lanes after his coach directed him to the wrong lane. Blazing a trail Italy's Massimiliano Blardone clears a gate during the men's giant slalom event at Whistler, Canada on Tuesday. The slalom is an alpine ski event that tests the skier’s agility and ability to make tight turns around gates. The speed of the slalom is slower than that of downhill racing, and gates range in number from 55-75 gates in the men’s events, to 40-60 gates in women’s events. Slalom is the shortest of the ski courses, with no practice runs allowed and skiers given two runs. The winner has the lowest combined time from the two runs. Disqualification occurs if a skier misses a gate.
  4. 4. Ski madness Canada's Ashleigh McIvor, center, clears a jump ahead of France's Marion Josserand, right and Norway's Hedda Berntsen during the women's ski cross final at Cypress Mountain on Tuesday. McIvor won the gold medal in the event. The trick is only the first two competitors to cross the finish line move on to the following round until the final heat determines the winner. But that's not all, to win not only do they have to navigate these downhill man- made and natural rollers, jumps "kickers", high banked turns and tabletops at speeds in excess of 70 km/h, but you have 3-5 other people who want the same thing you do... to finish first. Even though contact is frowned upon you can imagine things get quite heated out there on course. Ski Cross is a high adrenaline sport not only for the athletes, but for the viewers as well. This combination of terrain and format are guaranteed to produce epic thrills and spills making ski cross the perfect spectator sport and a full-on thrill ride for all involved.
  5. 5. Painful in second place Erika Lawler of the U.S. watches the scoreboard during the medal ceremony after Canada beat her team 2-0 to win the women's ice hockey gold medal on Thursday in Vancouver.