Pics Around The World April 5th


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Pics Around The World April 5th

  1. 1. Pictures from Around the World: April 5th Workers rest on a pile of limes at a wholesale fruit market in Hyderabad, India, on March 26. Many laborers in India pick limes as a way to make ends meet. Vocabulary: wholesale laborers vs workers vs employees make ends meet Question: Are there wholesale markets where you live? Do you enjoy shopping at markets? With floodwaters rising inside her home in Belarus, on March 27, Nina Yaroshevich puts on rubber boots to make her way around. A nearby river flooded some 150 homes. Vocabulary: floodwaters rubber Questions: Have you ever experienced a flood? Do you have rubber boots for when it rains? What type of clothes do you wear when it rains?
  2. 2. Farmers work their fields in Jinji, a town in southwest China's Yunnan Province, on March 30. Drought across China's south has meant harvests much smaller than normal. Vocabulary: drought Questions: Have you heard a lot about this problem? What are your thoughts about this drought? Children carry water home on a mountain path in southwest China's Guizhou province on March 28. The worst drought in decades in southwest China has left millions of people without water and caused more than 1,000 schools to close. Vocabulary: path decades Question: Do you think this drought has caused a bad situation for children? Frogs in Hrase, Solvenia, get help in crossing the road from volunteers on March 25. The group organizes events throughout the year to help frogs and says 15,000 frogs were helped across roads over the previous three days. Vocabulary: crossing Questions: Do you have frogs where you live? Would you volunteer to help frogs cross the road? Why do you think they do this in Solvenia?
  3. 3. Children examine a sculpture made from Easter eggs at its unveiling at the cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine. The sculpture, created by a Ukrainian artist, is made from 3,000 wooden Easter eggs painted in traditional Ukrainian style. Vocabulary: examine sculpture unveiling Easter eggs Questions: Do you celebrate easter? Is easter always associated with religion? Master baker Fernando Padilla prepares a display of seasonal sculpted bread shaped like bunnies for Easter at Boudin at the Wharf in San Francisco on April 2. The historic Fisherman's Wharf bakery will be making the bunny sculpted bread through Easter. Vocabulary: seasonal sculpted historic Questions: Are you a good cook or baker? Do you buy fresh bread from a bakery?