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Di l design

  1. 1. Logo<br />Home About Us FAQ Contact Us <br />DiL Community Center<br />DiL Language School<br />
  2. 2. Logo<br />Teach<br />Learn<br />Community Center<br />Search Tutor<br /> Categories<br />Art / Music<br />Life Skills<br />Business<br />Humanities<br />Sciences<br />Health<br /> SPEAKERS / SEMINARS<br />List of latest 5 teachers with short profile, subject, and image<br />Joe Smith<br /> “Learning online”<br />Monday, Sept 3rd<br />15:00 GMT<br /> Groups<br />Book Club<br /> March<br /> “name of book”<br /> Meets every Wednesday @ blah blah<br /> extras<br />fun & games<br />News briefs<br />Etc..<br />Etc…<br />Why teach with us?<br />Why Learn with us?<br />Learn a Language<br />Etc.etc.<br />Etc.etc.<br />
  3. 3. Videos page<br /><br /> Business<br /><br /> Humanities<br /> Technology<br /> Art / Music<br /> Health<br /> Travel<br />
  4. 4. Language School<br />ENGLISH<br />SPANISH<br />CHINESE (MANDARIN)<br />HUNGARIAN<br /> Learn With Us<br />How it works<br />Prices<br />Free Trial Class<br /> Try a FREE Class<br /> Our Teaching<br />Quality<br />How we teach<br />Courses<br /> Meet the Language Teachers<br />