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Bigcommerce cheatsheet


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BigCommerce cheatsheet that lists the pages in BigCommerce and the template files that they reference. It is very handy especially when trying to modify the design.

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Bigcommerce cheatsheet

  1. 1. Affiliate Variables Email Templates Store Template Files%%ORDER_AMOUNT%% Create account createaccount_email.html Access Forbidden 403.html The order total in dollars/cents. email Page Not Found 404.html Gift Certificate giftcertificate_email.html Account.php account.html%%ORDER_AMOUNT_IN_CENTS%% Received email Account Address Book account_addressbook.html The order total in cents Thank you for your invoice_email.html Account View Messages account_inbox.html%%ORDER_SUBTOTAL%% order email Account Completed account_orders.html The order subtotal in dollars/cents. Low Inventory low_inventory_email.html Orders Warning email Account Order Status account_orderstatus.html%%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_IN_CENTS%% Downloadable order_status_downloads_email.html Account Recent Items account_recentitems.html The order subtotal in cents page items order status email Account Returns page account_returns.html%%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_DISCOUNTED%% The order subtotal minus coupon and other Order status email order_status_email.html Account Return Request account_saved_return.htmldiscount amounts Submitted Order placed ordermessage_notification.html notification Brands page brands.html%%ORDER_SUBTOTAL_DISCOUNTED_ Cart.php cart.html Contact Us form page_contact_email.html_IN_CENTS%% submitted Category page category.html The order subtotal minus coupon and otherdiscount amounts, in cents Notification return_confirmation_email.html Checkout.php (multiple checkout.html confirmation for page checkout)%%ORDER_ID%% returned item Checkout Choose checkout_address.html The order ID Return request return_notification_email.html Address notification email Checkout Confirm Order checkout_confirm.html Status of return return_statuschange_email.html Checkout.php (single checkout_express.html Store Wide Global Variables changed email page express checkout)%%GLOBAL_StoreName%% Checkout Pay For Your checkout_payment.html Vendor payment vendor_payment.html The name of the store Order email Checkout Choose checkout_shipper.html%%GLOBAL_ShopPath%% Shipping Method The full URL to the store without a trailing slash. If Products Per Panel Compare page compare.htmlon an SSL based page, this will be the HTTPS version Create Account page createaccount.htmlof the store path. Featured Products Panel Custom set up Create Account Thank createaccount_thanks.html New Products Panel Custom set up%%GLOBAL_AppPath%% You page The path to the store (full URL without the domain) Recent News Items Panel Custom set up Home page default.htmlincluding a trailing slash. Similar Products By Custom set up Edit Account Details editaccount.html Customer Views Panel%%GLOBAL_ShopPathNormal%% page Related Products Panel Up to 5 products The normal (non SSL) version of the store URL The Something Went Wrong error.htmlpath to the store (full URL without the domain) Recently Viewed Panel Up to 5 products (system pageincluding a trailing slash. based) Forgot Your Password forgotpassword.html Side New Products Panel Up to 5 products (system page%%GLOBAL_ShopPathSSL%% based) Giftcertificates.php giftcertificates.html The SSL version of the store URL. Side Top Sellers Panel Up to 5 products (system Giftcertificates Balance giftcertificates_balance.html%%GLOBAL_StoreAddress%% based) page The address of the store (as configured on the Side Popular Products Up to 5 products (system Redeem Gift Certificates giftcertificates_redeem.htmlstore settings page) Panel based) page%%GLOBAL_AdminEmail%% Printable Invoice invoice_print.html The email address of the store administrator. Editing Express Checkout Login.php login.html Step 1: Account checkout_express.html Down For Maintenance maintenance.html%%GLOBAL_CurrentCustomerFirstName%% Details page The first name of the currently logged in customer.For guests, this is set to “Guest”. Particular message to message.html Step 2: Billing ExpressCheckoutChooseAddress.html Details the user page%%GLOBAL_CurrentCustomerLastName%% checkout_express.html News page news.html The last name of the currently logged in customer. Subscribe To Newsletter newsletter_subscribe.html Step 4: Shipping ExpressCheckoutChooseShipper.html%%GLOBAL_CurrentCustomerEmail%% Method Finishorder.php order.html The email address of the currently logged in ExpressCheckoutShippingMethod.html Print Packing Slip packing_slip_print.htmlcustomer. checkout_express.html Custom Web Page page.html%%GLOBAL_SiteColor%% Step 5: Order Contact Us Form page_contact_form.html ExpressCheckoutConfirmation.html The current template’s active color scheme. Confirmation checkout_express.html Product page product.html Product Reviews product_comments.html%%GLOBAL_template%% The current template name. Useful Tips Product Video page product_video.html Product Image productimage.html Add more%%GLOBAL_StoreLogo%% values to the Search page search.html The store logo (image or "h1" text logo) Snippets/CartItemQtySelect.html quantity Search Tips page search_tips.html%%GLOBAL_DownloadDirectory%% selector Shipping Address Form shippingaddressform.html The name of the product downloads directory. Sitemap page sitemap.html invoice_print.html%%GLOBAL_ImageDirectory%% Snippets/InvoiceCartItem.html Tags page tags.html Edit Invoice Snippets/InvoiceCustomerDetails.html The name of the product images directory. Vendor page vendor_page.html Snippets/InvoicePendingPaymentDetails.html Vendor Products page vendor_products.html%%GLOBAL_CartItems%% Snippets/InvoicePendingPaymentNotice.html A textual string representing the number of items Vendor Profile page vendor_profile.html Edit Packingin the cart (1 item, 2 items etc) Slip packing_slip_print.html Vendors List page vendors.html Wishlist page wishlist.html  Edit Add to     Cart Pop-up Snippets/FastCartThickBoxContent.html Edit Product Image Pop- Panels/ProductImagePopup.html up