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Real estate management solution for new age


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Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business
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Real estate management solution for new age

  1. 1. Real Estate Management Solution for New Age
  2. 2. Take benefit of:- Geolocation for rental and sale of property
  3. 3. - Integration with GoogleMaps and navigation software
  4. 4. - Direct offers from property owners (both for rental and sales)
  5. 5. - Tailored offers for students, tourists, and civil workers
  6. 6. Partnership programsPartnership programs for Universities:- Access to database of available premises tailored for students;- Student registry assistance
  7. 7. • Partnership programs for Employers of seasonal workers:
  8. 8. • Partnership programs for Tourism companies:
  9. 9. • Partnership programs for State authorities:
  10. 10. • Partnership programs for Construction companies :