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  • (introduce the song that starts playing when the slideshow starts)Song playing: “When You Wish Upon A Star”This song is from the classic Disney movie created in 1940 and now it is most popularly known as the song played at the castle at night duringthe illumination. The illumination is a great show of lights on the castle, then they show pictures from throughout the day in the park and near the end Tinker Bell flies across the sky above the crowd.
  • Disney Emily

    1. 1. PowerPoint Presentation for ACIS- 2012 By: Emily Midgette
    2. 2. Should You Make A Trip To Disney? Reasons People Come To Disney To Meet Their Favorite Characters To Ride The Rides To Be Able To Say They’ve Went They Love It & Go ALL The Time (Disney©)PowerPoint Presentation for ACIS- 2012 (Disney©)
    3. 3. Spend A Day in Magic Kingdom.. In order to enjoy: The Main Street USA parades that go on (Disney©) throughout the day. Meeting your favorite characters from Minnie Mouse to Tinker Belle and all the princesses! See the castle in all its glory lit up at night with the fireworks display. Ride all the thrilling rides the park has to offer!PowerPoint Presentation for ACIS- 2012 (Disney©)
    4. 4. Don’t Forget The Other Parks Too! There is always lots of fun to be had in the other signature Disney parks too: Epcot Hollywood Studios(Disney©) Animal Kingdom Too hot for a theme park? Try one of Disney’s waterparks! Typhoon Lagoon Blizzard BeachPowerPoint Presentation for ACIS- 2012 (Disney©)
    5. 5. Transportation? (Disney©) (Disney©) Type of Transportation CostDisney Buses (from park to park & Free resorts)Ferry (from Transportation Hub to Free Magic Kingdom)Monorail (to & from certain parks) Free Trams (from parks to parking) Free Taxis Charges Vary Hotel Shuttles Usually Free Depending on Non- (Disney©)PowerPoint Presentation for ACIS- 2012 Disney Affiliated Hotel
    6. 6. What’s My Reason For Loving Disney World? (Disney©) (Scott) (Scott) My best friend in the entire world works there as anPowerPoint Presentation for ACIS- 2012 entertainer!
    7. 7. Park Opening Timeline(Disney©) October 1971 October 1982 Magic Kingdom is May 1989 opens in Walt Epcot opens in Disney World Walt Disney Disney- MGM World Studios opens in (Disney©) Walt Disney World (it is now called Hollywood April 1998 Studios) Disney’s AnimalPowerPoint Presentation for ACIS- 2012 Kingdom opens
    8. 8. Have I Convinced You? If so, you should head onover and plan your trip today! Tickets Resorts Things To Do Nearby (Disney©) Places to Eat (Disney©) Package Deals PowerPoint Presentation for ACIS- 2012 (Disney©)
    9. 9. Feedback This presentation, I believe, was a great test of what we actuallyknow about powerpoint and how to use it. I quite enjoyed learningnew things to spice up presentations. I learned how to do thesethings for the first time: Add a song to a slide Create hyperlinks Use Smart Art All in all, even though, I spent a good amount of time on this I think it turned out well.PowerPoint Presentation for ACIS- 2012 (Disney©)
    10. 10. Works Cited Page "Disney Clipart Galore Over 7600 Disney Cartoon Images." Disney Clipart Galore Over 7600 Disney Cartoon Images. Retrieved September 9,2012 from <http://www.disneyclips.com/>. "Walt Disney World Resort." Walt Disney World Resort. Retrieved September 9,2012 from <http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/>. Washington, N and Harline, L. (1939) When You Wish Upon A Star. [Recorded by Cliff Edwards]. On Title of Pinnocchio Soundtrack [MP3]. Victor Records. Will and I at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 23 Aug. 2012. Photograph by Victoria Scott. JPEG file.PowerPoint Presentation for ACIS- 2012 (Disney©)