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EMID Presentation for SPPS

  2. 2. Brief history of EMID• In the mid 1990’s EMID started as the Tri –District. Membership was St. Paul, Roseville and North St.Paul/Maplewood.• It’s purpose was to form a partnership that would enable students the opportunity to be educated in an integrated learning environment.• Legislation in the late 1990’s allowed for voluntary membership.• Out of this grew a collaborative of 10 districts. 2 magnet schools, Harambee and Crosswinds, were created to address the vision and mission of EMID. These magnet schools became a choice for families living in the members districts.
  3. 3. Changes at EMID and the Use of Integration Revenue• July 2010 a new superintendent was hired,• The focus shifted to considering the total enrollment,120,000, students in addition to the 800+ students enrolled in the magnet schools,• The membership of the collaborative changed,• A strategic planning process was initiated in November 2010,• Data from EMID stakeholder groups was collected,• Recommendations driven from the data were discussed by the EMID board members,• The recommendations focused on the total operation of EMID• The EMID board is currently considering the recommendations that have evolved out of the strategic planning process,• Was the mission/ vision of EMID still relevant.
  4. 4. Issues Surrounding the Funding of Programsand Services of EMID• A majority of EMID revenues is spent on the magnet schools including a significant amount of integration revenue.• 84% of EMID spending is on the 2 schools with about 880 students• Of the 3.8 million in integration revenue received from its member districts 2.3 M goes toward the operation of the schools, 1.2 M for Office of Equity and Integration, and .03 M for administration.
  5. 5. Strategic Planning• January –May data collection – Staff – Parents – Superintendents – School board – Former EMID district membership• July Board, superintendent, and administration retreat was held to discuss data results• August EMID board decided to consider the 3 options for the operation of the 2 magnet schools• September a community meeting was held to seek input regarding the 3 options surrounding the 2 magnet schools• September board meeting the EMID board held a works session to hear the recommendation from the superintendents• October board meeting the EMID board will consider what option to pursue.
  6. 6. Options Concerning the 2 Magnet SchoolsOption 1: Strengthen Schools under current structure: EMID schools havethe ability to transform into models of integration and high studentachievement; however, it may require additional time and investment.Option 2: Transfer governance of schools to different operator: The natureand environment of the schools seem to be highly valued, though directstudent education is a small portion of EMID’s overall purpose and corecompetency. Therefore, perhaps EMID should refocus its efforts awayfrom operating the schools.Option 3: Merge students back into home district schools: Similar to option2, in terms of reprioritizing EMID’s focus. Belief that current EMIDstudents could smoothly integrate back into home district schools
  7. 7. Options Concerning the Outreach Programs• There is an opportunity for EMID to shift from mostly direct service to focus on strengthen and coordination member district programs.• EMID as a coordinator of member district programming can leverage current offerings to increase overall participation without dramatically increasing cost.• EMID as a technical assistant to member districts can deliver its knowledge base of best practices to strengthen and develop member district programs.
  8. 8. Students from St. Paul attending Harambee and Crosswinds• Students from St. Paul attending – Harambee 185 – Crosswinds 215 – Total 400• This represents approximately 45% of the total enrollments (880) in Harambee and Crosswinds.
  9. 9. St. Paul Participation in Shared Services • St. Paul is currently participating or plans to in the follow shared services supported by Integration dollars: – AVID – Curriculum mapping planning – Principals Networks – Innovation and on-line learning
  10. 10. Issues Facing the EMID Board• How to address the future of the 2 magnet schools• How to be proactive given the political environment surrounding the use of integration revenue• How to address the educational needs of the 10 district collaborative