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This KnowledgeBuilder is a presentation of the Educational Marketing Group, Inc. on "Getting the Most From a Facebook Page". It was presented on November 15, 2011 by Patrick Powers at Webster University. Learn more about KnowledgeBuilders at http://www.emgonline.com/Academy/Pages/EMG-Academy/KnowledgeBuilders.

It used to be enough for a college or university just to be on Facebook. No longer! Nearly every institution has a presence on Facebook, so how do you stand out from the rest and reap the benefits social media marketing can bring? We'll discuss strategy and demonstrate some of those Facebook-specific tactics that most schools aren't using… but should be.

This KnowledgeBuilder is designed to teach you:
* development of unique and personalized content on your institution's Facebook page
* how to create and use custom tabs
* development of custom Facebook applications
* how to geo-target messages to reach specific audiences
* utilization of link strategy and how to measure your success

© 2011 Educational Marketing Group, Inc.
All rights reserved. This document contains protected intellectual property. The information and materials contained herein may not be duplicated, reproduced, or distributed in any manner whatsoever without the prior written consent of Educational Marketing Group, Inc.

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EMG KnowledgeBuilder - Getting the Most From a Facebook Page

  1. 1. Getting the Most from a Facebook Page Patrick Powers Director of Digital Marketing and Communications Webster University
  2. 2. IntroductionPatrick PowersDirector of Digital Marketing and CommunicationsWebster University
  3. 3. Goals and Objectives• Recognize the impact of Facebook’s recent changes.• Generate unique and personal content.• Customize tabs and applications.• Discuss.
  4. 4. Recent Changes
  5. 5. EdgeRank∑edge e = uewede
  6. 6. ue = affinity we = weightde = time decay
  7. 7. Just because you post itdoesn’t mean they see it. (even if they are fans)
  8. 8. So how do we getmore from our page?
  9. 9. The Basics• Complete the information tab.• Utilize full parameters of the profile picture.• Integrate Facebook with your institution’s website.• Be present. Be honest.
  10. 10. Beyond the Basics• Content matters.• Location. Location. Location.• Custom tabs and applications.• Link strategy.
  11. 11. Social networks are not created equal. ≠ ≠
  12. 12. How You Post Matters 80%
  13. 13. Customize the Content
  14. 14. Know Your Audience
  15. 15. Geo-targeting Posts
  16. 16. Geo-targeting Posts
  17. 17. Custom Tabs & Applications
  18. 18. Custom Tabs & Applications
  19. 19. Custom Tabs & Applications
  20. 20. Why Do We Care?200% Total Monthly Views
  21. 21. How to Build a Custom Tab• Pay someone.• Do it yourself.• Use a 3rd party application.
  22. 22. Existing Applications• Static HTML: iFrame tabs.• Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages.• Static Iframe tab.
  23. 23. Static HTML: iFrame tabs
  24. 24. Static HTML: iFrame tabs• Easy-to-install.• Use HTML, CSS, JavaScript.• Can eliminate scrollbars.• FBML-enabled.• No option for icon or title.
  25. 25. Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages
  26. 26. Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages• Intuitive interface.• Custom image or custom HTML.• Fans view and non-fans view.• No option for icon or title.
  27. 27. Static iframe tab
  28. 28. Static iframe tab• Requires access to information.• Custom name and icon.• Multiple options for page source: URL, Redirect, Image, HTML.• Friend and fan gate capabilities.
  29. 29. Existing Applications• Easy to install, easy to use.• Content for fans and non-fans.• Limitations with icons and titles.• Requests for access to personal information, e-mail.
  30. 30. Do It Yourself• Access to a web server.• Some basic HTML skills.• A little time and effort.
  31. 31. Create a HTML File 520px
  32. 32. Install Developer App
  33. 33. Name the App
  34. 34. Adjust the Settings
  35. 35. Integrate the App
  36. 36. Install the App
  37. 37. Remember the Links
  38. 38. Remember the Links
  39. 39. Google URL Builder
  40. 40. Review• Keep pace with the changes.• Generate unique and personal content to drive engagement.• Create a custom experience — it’s not as hard as you think.• Track all that’s important.
  41. 41. Questions?
  42. 42. Thank You