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Future biotechnology


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What is the biotechnology on the future ?

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Future biotechnology

  1. 1. Name :- OMNIA MOHAMMED ID :- 09 / 447 Molecular Biology Under supervision Dr :- OSAMA KONSWA DR :- HANI EL - SHIMY
  2. 2. Contents What is biotechnology Stages of biotechnology Modern biotechnology Benefits of biotechnologyApplication of biotechnology nowadays Application tomorrow New applications Conclusion
  3. 3. ?What is BiotechnologyGeneral DefinitionThe application of technology to improve a biological organism)Biotechnology = bios (life) + logos (study of or essence’Literally ‘the study of tools from living thingsCLASSIC: The word "biotechnology" was first used in 1917 to describeprocesses using living organisms to make a product or run a process, such as. industrial fermentations(Robert Bud, The Uses of Life: A History of Biotechnology)LAYMAN: Biotechnology began when humans began to plant their own crops, (domesticate animals, ferment juice into wine, make cheese, and leaven breadAccesExcellence)
  4. 4. What are the stages of ?biotechnologyAncient Biotechnologyearly history as related to food and shelter, includingdomesticationClassical Biotechnologybuilt on ancient biotechnologyfermentation promoted food productionmedicineModern Biotechnologymanipulates genetic information in organismgenetic engineering
  5. 5. What are the benefits of ?biotechnologyMedicinehumanveterinarybiopharmingEnvironmentAgricultureFood productsIndustry and manufacturing
  6. 6. What are the applications of ?biotechnology until now
  7. 7. New Biotech Tools for a Cleaner EnvironmentIndustrial biotechnology is creating new markets for traditionalagricultural crops and crop residues as renewable feedstocks,.chemical intermediates, and energy sourcesIndustrial biotechnology, the third wave of biotechnology, holds immense promise fortransforming a wide variety of industrial processes by preventing pollution, reducingcosts, conserving natural resources, and delivering innovative products to improve. our quality of lifeIt is also creating new markets for traditional agricultural crops and crop residues as. renewable feedstocks, chemical intermediates, and energy sources
  8. 8. Future biotechnology applications for human beingsDecay-Fighting. 1 *MicrobesArtificial Lymph. 2 *NodesAsthma Sensor. 3 *Cancer Spit Test. 4*Biological Pacemaker. 5 *
  9. 9. Prosthetic Feedback. 6Smart Contact Lens. 7Speech Restorer. 8Absorbable Heart. 9StentMuscle Stimulator. 10Nerve Regenerator. 11Stabilizing Insoles. 12Smart Pill. 13Autonomous. 14Wheelchair
  10. 10. Gastrointestinal  15 * . LinerLiver Scanner. 16 *Nanoscale. 17 *Adhesive Portable Dialysis. 18* Walking Simulator. 19 Rocket-Powered     20  . Arm