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Trials and Tribulations of Getting into Energy Management


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As someone who has come out of doing their Masters in 2014 with very little experience this lecture will talk about the challenges faced on getting to where I wanted to be in energy management at the age of 25 and how I got there. It will involve the problems I faced initially getting employed, the several jobs loosely affiliated with what I wanted to do, and the unpaid internship undertaken during my Masters which helped me get to where I am happy. It will also be used to prove you don’t have to come from an Oxbridge university, and can come from anywhere to reach ambitious goals.

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Trials and Tribulations of Getting into Energy Management

  1. 1. Trials and Tribulations of Getting into Energy Management By Dominic Pybus MSc PIEMA Energy and Utilities Advisor
  2. 2. Background Information  25 years old  Finished studies in 2014  Currently work for the House of Commons, although role supports the House of Lords  Managing energy and water efficiency projects to help reduce the organisations environmental impact
  3. 3. Undergraduate Education  BSc in Geography and Natural Hazard Management at the University of Chester  Dissertation: Perception of Flood Hazard within Communities  No great focus upon energy or sustainability management
  4. 4. Postgraduate Education  MSc in Sustainability for Communities and Business at the University of Chester  Experience of subjects such as community energy, resource management, energy in business, renewables and various other environmental aspects.  Dissertation: Energy Management across Retail Stores in the North West of England for a convenience store outlet  Gained initial experience of auditing, energy monitoring, energy analysis and working within an environmental team of a major organisation.
  5. 5. Finding Work  Look for jobs everywhere, do not stick to certain websites  Be willing to relocate for the career you want  Do not take rejection to heart  You may not get the exact job you want straight out of University  Do something you will enjoy
  6. 6. First Job out of University  Warm Homes Officer for Leicestershire County Council  6 month contract  Domestic energy management, not commercial energy  Received training and completed City and Guilds in Energy Awareness
  7. 7. Trust of Employers  Read job descriptions carefully  Ask questions at the interview on anything you’re not sure on  Do not settle in a job you are not happy in
  8. 8. Landing that Perfect Job  Keep Looking!  Took a year to find the job to settle down for  Learn as much as possible along the way. If any training is offered take it  Be ambitious, a lot of employers are willing to give you some training if you need it  Coming out of University? Look at graduate membership for a professional body
  9. 9. My Future Plans  Learning within the Work Environment about M&E Services.  Looking at possible further education to improve knowledge to help climb the career ladder. Currently looking into Post Graduate Diplomas.  Try to network within the organisation and across the energy management community, learn more about the career field and gain inspiration from people within your team, and from further afield.
  10. 10. Questions?