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ZajelMobi - Facebook SMS Update


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Chat, post and comment using FaceBook SMS Update

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ZajelMobi - Facebook SMS Update

  1. 1. “Facebook SMS Update”
  2. 2. Introduction Social applications become very important to majority of people. Facebook highest market share. Latest Face Book studies show that: More than 800 Million active users worldwide. 50% of Facebook active users log on to Facebook in any given day. Average Facebook user has 130 friends. Approximately 80% of Users outside the USA Source : Face Book Statistics
  3. 3. Introduction People dont want to wait until they get home to read about the latest exploits of their friends…And friends may not wait until they get home to tell them how the date went.“ ---Roger Entner, SVP, IAG Research. Small penetration of internet-enabled Smartphone’s, which is still only around 30% even in the relatively developed US market (NPD, 2010). Mobile Application download is still cumbersome for non-tech users SMS still most popular medium among youngsters.
  4. 4. ZajelMobi Briefing Post, Like, Comment at your wall Post, Like, Comment at your friend wall. Notifications : Your friends status updates, wall comments, likes. Chat with ZajelMobi registered friends. A reliable tool to enable users to be connected anywhere any time through SMS.
  5. 5. ZajelMobi Platform? Face Book application easy to install. ZajelMobi platform installed on a reliable server relies between the Mobile operator’s network and the Facebook server. ZajelMobi introduce new service to customers which lead to increase the SMS traffic sharply and thus increase your revenue. ZajelMobi can implement different business rules for the service (subscription based, per SMS- MO, Mixed, etc).
  6. 6. ZajelMobi Registration Process Mobile operator reserves two main short codes for MO and MT SMS Configurable Settings via Facebook web site 1. Install ZajelMobi Application 2. User Activate his mobile 3. Configure ZajelMobi settings
  7. 7. Operator Benefits New revenue stream. Mass market, no need for application download on handset or GPRS connectivity. Present a new service to customers who will definitely like to be connected all the time. Boost subscribers loyalty and satisfaction. Distinguish your brand.
  8. 8. Emad Y. Meitani market@ss-me.comRegional Sales Manager +971-2-4485018Smart Solutions +971-2-4485017 +971-50-6614605 P.O. Box 45659, Abu Dhabi, UAE |