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SLCC 2016 Presentation Schedule - Day 2


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The University of the West Indies Saint Lucia Country Conference 2016

The overall theme of the conference is: “Collegial Information Sharing for Sustainable Development”. This conference is expected to create an environment for sharing and learning, which is a necessary step towards establishing the links which facilitate the management of indigenous knowledge for our own use, thus providing an avenue by which academic research on Saint Lucia can make a substantial contribution to global discourse.

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SLCC 2016 Presentation Schedule - Day 2

  1. 1. Bougainvillea Room (Room 1) Begonia Room (Room 2) 9:00 –10:00 Moderator: Dr. Cathy James-Springer Full Panel Session Beyond Talk: Crossing Language Boundaries (A&C) Joseph, Dr. Kyneata; Esnard, Dr. Talia; Descartes, Dr. Christine; Evans, Dr. Sandra 10:00-10:20 Break Session 2 Chair: Dr. Sonia Alexander Session 2 Chair: Dr. Anthony Felicien 10:20-11:00 Evidence–Based Management of Caribbean Health Systems: Barriers and Opportunities (Hea) Greaves, Dr. Damian Vernacular Instruction and the Development of Literacy: An Alternative for Language Instruction in St. Lucia Depradine, Dr. Kathy 11:00-11:40 Sex Tourism and HIV/AIDS in St. Lucia: A Health Policy Perspective (Hea) Theodore, Prof. Karl; Ali-Sisbane, Ms. Haleema Laptiste, C; La Foucade, A; McLean, R Creole Influence in the Writing of St. Lucian Students at the Common Entrance Exams(A&C) Francis, Mr. Ronald 11:40-12:20 Imposex in Marine Gastropod Molluscs in Saint Lucia. (Eco) Daniel-Thomas, Ms, Bethia Supporting Children’s Transitions from Pre- Primary to Primary School: A Collaborative Approach (Ed) Kinkead-Clark, Dr. Zoyah 12:20-1:20 Lunch Break Session 3 Chair: Ms Sonia Severin Session 3 Chair: Dr Rosemarie Mathurin 1:20-2:00 Explaining the Housing Deficit in Saint Lucia (Soc) Pierre-Louis, Ms. Rosemary. Intra-Sentential Code-Switching of English- French Creole Bilingual St. Lucians: Grammatical Licensing, Motivation and Perception(Ed) Charles-Charlemagne, Mrs. Joel 2:00-2:40 Exploring the Plight of Households Headed by Elderly Females: The Case of Relative Poverty In St. Lucia (So Sci) Boochoon, Ms. Leandra And St. Bernard, Dr. Godfrey. The Contextual Needs Implementation Model (CNIM) for Improving Implementation of Science And Technology Curricula in St. Lucian Primary Schools (Ed) Clifford, Dr. Catherine A 2:40-3:20 Considering An Information Governance Programme?- Basic Considerations for Higher Education Institutions.(Ed) Bryan, Mr. Emerson O S G A Critical Inquiry into the Status of Social Justice in Teacher Education in Saint Lucia Edward, Dr. Marietta 3:20-4:00 Public Expenditure on Education: Is There a Correlation with Economic Growth? A Case Study of St. Lucia (Ed) Henry, Mr. Clarence 4:00-4:40 Dine Outs Saint Lucia Country Conference 2016 Presentation Schedule (Day 2) Friday,October28th ,2016