Ppt 1 what is geography


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Ppt 1 what is geography

  1. 1. GEOGRAPHY Year 10 ASASCopyright 2008 PresentationFx.com | Redistribution Prohibited | Image © clix/sxc.hu | This text section may be deleted for presentation .
  2. 2. What is Geography?• Geography is the study of the earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments. It is, quite simply, about the world in which we live.• Geography is unique in bridging the social sciences (human geography) with the natural sciences (physical geography).Human geography concerns the understanding of the dynamics of cultures, societies and economies, and physical geography concerns the understanding of the dynamics of physical landscapes and the environment.
  3. 3. Geography Informs us about….• The places and communities in which we live and work.• Our natural environments and the pressures they face.• The interconnectedness of the world and our communities within it.• How and why the world is changing, globally and locally.• How our individual and social actions contribute to those changes.• The choices that exist in managing our world for the future sustainably.• The importance of location in business and decision-making.
  4. 4. Why Study Geography?• Geography gives you life skills to understand the World around you and interact as a global citizen.• Geography provides excellent job opportunities especially in this ever changing World.• Geography helps you become and engaged and active citizen.• Geography provides you with a well-rounded education.
  5. 5. Want to Earn Good Money???• There are many career paths you can take by studying Geography. Some of these careers include; Town Planning, Engineering, Environmental Science, Geology, Architecture, Forestry, Marine Sciences, Built Environment studies, Foreign Affairs, Outdoor Education, Travel and Tourism, Journalism, Management Fields and Secondary Teaching.• Geography has some of the highest starting salaries of usually $65 000+
  6. 6. Year 11 and 12 Geography topics!- Natural Hazards (Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Cyclones, Floods…)-Catchments (Rivers of the world and world water)-City and Transport Planning (Gold Coast Transport and theCommonwealth Games)-Megacities and urban environments (Mumbai, Sao Paulo andJakarta)-Climate Change (Sea Level Rise and Environmental Refugees)-Sustaining Biodiversity (Fraser Island and other BiodiverseHotspots)-Worldwide Diseases (Malaria, AIDS, dengue fever and alcoholism)-Women, equality and human development.
  7. 7. Year 10 Geography 2012• Year 10 Geography will focus on the nature of human well-being around the world. It will look at inequalities that exist spatially, or across varying scales and investigate why these problems exist. Finally it will examine some environmental challenges that will affect human well- being and future lives of people throughout the world!
  8. 8. Assessment• There will be 2 pieces of assessment in Geography for the term. They include the following;- Stimulus Response (In class Exam - 1 hour)- Decision-making Scenario & Short Response Test (In class Exam – 1 hour)* There will also be short research paragraphs that must be completed fortnightly as homework tasks.
  9. 9. What do you think this cartoon means or is alluding to?
  10. 10. Right Here and Right Now!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT4RIyMUwak&feature=fvwrel