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  1. 1. Getting Started with
  2. 2. Go to
  3. 3. 1. Activate
  4. 4. Click to accept You’ll receive an email from inviting you to be a presenter.
  5. 5. Click the link to get started.
  6. 6. Set your password
  7. 7. From the activation email, you’ll be taken to to create a password.
  8. 8. 2. Personalize
  9. 9. Put your name on it
  10. 10. After setting your password, you’ll be asked to create a personal link and background. Your link is the URL people will use to join your meeting.
  11. 11. It can be anything so long as it is at least 9 characters long. Your background is the photo that folks see when they’re waiting for your meeting to start.
  12. 12. Neither is permanent, so feel free to change your mind again and again. On occasion, you might want to use the one-time code, so it’s there for your convenience.
  13. 13. 3. Start meeting
  14. 14. Good to go
  15. 15. Now you’re ready to share your screen with up to 250 people per meeting, no limits on minutes or number of meetings.
  16. 16. Meet via a browser
  17. 17. Go to and sign in. From here, you can start sharing your screen instantly.
  18. 18. Meet via desktop app
  19. 19. Download the desktop app for your operating system in the apps section at It makes starting a meeting without a browser super quick and easy.
  20. 20. Meet via scheduler
  21. 21. Simply to go the scheduler tab, put in your meeting date and time, and add your attendees.
  22. 22. How do I start a meeting from a PC or Mac?
  23. 23. On a PC or Mac, go to the website and click Share. More precisely, click the big orange button next to the word Share.
  24. 24. The application will download and run, then your screen will be ready to be shared.
  25. 25. How do I know has started?
  26. 26. You’ll see this on your desktop. We call it the toolbar.
  27. 27. More specifically, it's the presenter's toolbar. If it's not visible, is not running and your meeting can't start.
  28. 28. on a Windows PC
  29. 29. on a Mac
  30. 30. How do others join?
  31. 31. Participants on a PC or Mac go to and type the multi-digit code or "personal link" in the join box.
  32. 32. We’ll add the dashes. The big green button gets them in. That's it. Nothing to download. No account required.
  33. 33. Here are the technical requirements when joining via the website:
  34. 34. On Windows Participants must use Internet Explorer 8 or above, or the latest version of Firefox, Chrome
  35. 35. On a Mac Participants should use Safari for best results
  36. 36. Participants must have Flash Player 10 or above installed and enabled in their browser.
  37. 37. Requirements from a mobile device
  38. 38. On an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch they can use the free app
  39. 39. Android device they can use the free app
  40. 40. way to join WITHOUT using the website
  41. 41. Anyone on a PC or Mac can download the desktop app
  42. 42. Use it to start or join a meeting. It's like using the website, but without a browser.
  43. 43. Participants will be asked if they want to download the desktop app when they leave a meeting.
  44. 44. How do I remove someone from my meeting?
  45. 45. Click the Participants button to show the list of participants.
  46. 46. On the list of participants, click the X next to the person you want to remove.
  47. 47. Note When presenting from an iPad, this feature is not available
  48. 48. NOTE When presenting from an iPad, this feature is not available
  49. 49. What happens once they are gone?
  50. 50. They can't come back. That is, not without returning to and reentering the code or link.
  51. 51. To end a meeting
  52. 52. To end your meeting, click the X in the upper-right corner of the application.
  53. 53. If you have the desktop app, you can click Exit this session to end your meeting and keep open and ready for your next meeting.
  54. 54. Switch between monitors
  55. 55. You can share any available monitor
  56. 56. 1. Click below the big button in the middle to open the menu.
  57. 57. 2. Click Screen
  58. 58. 3. You'll see an orange outline as you move between available monitors. Click again when the orange outline is on the monitor you want to share.
  59. 59. Pro subscribers can choose which window to share. Everything else on your screen is hidden. It's called window sharing.
  60. 60. sharing a specific window
  61. 61. pro is required – paid or trial.
  62. 62. To choose what to share
  63. 63. Click Choose what to share each time you want to change what you're sharing.
  64. 64. REMEMBER When sharing a window, you can't share control. Share your entire screen to be able to share control with a participant.
  65. 65. Move your mouse to the window you want to share. Once it has an orange outline, click to share.
  66. 66. To choose a different window or select your entire screen instead, click Choose what to share again.
  67. 67. What happens if I cover my shared window?
  68. 68. If you cover your shared window, you don't need to worry about exposing anything you don't want to show. Viewers never see the item that is covering your shared window
  69. 69. • Viewers on a Mac or Windows 7/Vista computer see your shared window, even when it is covered
  70. 70. • Viewers using XP or Windows 7/Vista without Aero will see a dark box on top of the covered part of your shared window
  71. 71. What happens if I close or minimize my shared window?
  72. 72. Viewers will see a static image of your screen. To keep things moving, you should bring the window back, or choose a new one by clicking the Choose what to share button again.
  73. 73. Reference link: e/topics/24958-getting-started
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