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Evidencing Change OIA2R


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A presentation delivered to the Open Innovation and Access to Resources programme of work funded by JISC BCE. The aim of the presentation was to ensure projects evidenced the benefits, impact, and change derived from their projects.

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Evidencing Change OIA2R

  1. 1. OIA2R—Webinar Today’s Agenda 1. Introduction (10mins) 2. Evidencing Change (40 minutes) 3. Closing Remarks (10 minutes)website @andystew & @whaa
  2. 2. Evidencing Changewebsite @andystew & @whaa
  3. 3. Co-Development“ …take a leading role in facilitating and generating innovation through the provision of online knowledge and information services and opportunities, in partnership with local ” organisations, and through online marketplaces. (JISC, 2011, p.1)
  4. 4. Access“ …the work is intended to result in improved access to information and knowledge ” resources for external parties. (JISC, 2011, p.2)
  5. 5. Open Innovation & Access to Resources“ …not only creating opportunities for institutions and solving problems for externals but also demonstrating the benefits of the innovative, institutionally supported/sanctioned ” use of web technologies
  6. 6. Aims1) Innovation2) Business Growth3) Knowledge Exploitation
  7. 7. Capturing Evidence1.Demonstrator2.Blog (public)3.Case Study4.Transferability Assessment5.Demonstration6.Completion Report
  8. 8. Language“ Our project delivered…  ”“ Our project aimed to… ”
  9. 9. Benefits Exercise Innovation Business Growth Knowledge ExploitationEfficiencyWorking productivelywith minimum wastedeffort or expenseEffectivenessProducing a desired orintended resultEnablementGive (someone) theability or means to dosomething
  10. 10. Benefits expected… Support for interaction Proven ability to engage effectively Management flexibility Partnership management skills and functions Support for value creation Trust and information sharing
  11. 11. Evidencing Change Template
  12. 12. Digital Storyies? Use the information you’ve collected to tell us your storyies!
  13. 13. Questions?
  14. 14. Managing your project…Focuses attention Clarifies expectationsEnables accountability Increases objectivityProvides the basis for goal- Improves executionsettingPromotes consistency Facilitates feedbackIncreases alignment Improves decision makingImproves problem-solving Provides early warning signalsEnhances understanding Enables predictionMotivates (Spitzer, 2007, p.18-19)