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The Journey of an Institution


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Ian Anderson (Coventry University) provided an overview of Coventry's experiences so far with enterprise architecture.

Presented at the first JISC Emerging Practices workshop (2012/03/29).

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The Journey of an Institution

  1. 1. The Journey of an Institution Ian Anderson Coventry University
  2. 2. Brief History April 2011 Creation of a Dec 2010: EA programme extended to other Office. projects 2009: June 2010 Smart Creation of a Card Initiative – programme JISC Sponsored office. March 2010: RealisationJan 2010 -FirstInteractionwith theFSDProgramme
  3. 3. Corporate Plan Smart Campus Finance review Academic review Student Satisfaction BDSO M& C SoLL Business ITS Business Finance Registry EstatesBusiness Plan Business Plan Plan Plan Business Plan Business Plan Business Plan ITS Busine ss Plan Print M anage me nt Syste m Smart cards Ne twork upgrade Prince 2 Atte ndance monitoring Smart card proje ct
  4. 4. How• Having the right people on the team• Getting backing from the right people• Having momentum & commitment• Opportunities• EA is here to stay.
  5. 5. How• Need some governance around EA• Need our set of standards
  6. 6. Our Metamodel
  7. 7. Benefit• Align IT with the business strategy• Holistic Approach – Joint up & Concentrated view• Focus on Benefits of the initiative• Full analysis – Focus on Services – Better assessment of opportunities – Improve Implementation / Change Control• Better risk assessment of transformational change• Reduction in our IT Infrastructure / Reusability• Reduce Overspend / Cost• Document
  8. 8. Lessons Learnt – Do’s• Visit & spend time with others who are further along with you• Ask questions and always keep engage with the wider community• Have more than one BA doing the modeling• Have full support from the senior management team• Keep pointing out the merits / benefits as you move along• Invest in the analysis• Be committed and have someone with the drive to take it forward• Tailor it and looks at works for you & your institution
  9. 9. Lessons Learnt – Don’t• Don’t talk EA to the business, speak their language• It is not sufficient on its own it needs to be combined with light touch Prince2 or other project management methodology• It is not a magic wand• Don’t have an EA project, but embed as part of new projects• Don’t do it half heartedly• Don’t get bogged down, ask for help.
  10. 10. Next• Embedding EA within our methodology• Where PM Office sits• Engaging Externally – Modelling Bash – Partnering with the states University – Provide student internship – Potential guest lecturing – Still the need for a wider participation group, to keep momentum going. – AND..... Look at EA as more of a strategic tool not just operational!
  11. 11. Thank YouQuestions?