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Royal Expeditions India's Big Seven


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Africa has the Big Five, and India has the Big Seven. See Royal Expedition's India and let us share the incredible wildlife of India with you.

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Royal Expeditions India's Big Seven

  1. 1. The Big Seven inIncredible India
  2. 2. “The efficiency and friendliness with which you looked after us often in quite difficult circumstances, is greatly appreciated by myself and the rest of the team.”Michael Palin – Author & Presenter BBC Himalayas, Round the world 80 days, Pole to Pole has to say about us
  3. 3. Luxury, Tailor-Made & Scheduled Holidays
  4. 4. Tailored and Scheduled Trips 4
  5. 5. Why India?
  6. 6. •Romantic palaces,forgotten forts,spiritual sites, ancienttemples•26 World Heritagesites•India has 80 nationalparks including 23tiger reserves andmore than 440sanctuaries. It ishome to more than350 differentmammals and 1,220birds, 1600 species ofreptiles andamphibians and57,000 species ofinsects
  7. 7. Why India’s Wildlife?
  8. 8. It is diverse You getcultural at same time. Thewildlife areas are nicer --less populated, people are happier as mostof the hard poverty and overcrowding is around the cities 9 India has
  9. 9. Our Big Seven... the African Big 5, which includes Buffalo
  10. 10. The Leopard,Found throughout India
  11. 11. Asian ElephantsFoothills of Himalayas, Eastern and Southern India
  12. 12. RhinoKaziranga National Park and Manas National Park
  13. 13. Asiatic LionGir National Park
  14. 14. Add to the Big Five, The Snow Leopard,found in Ladakh no data … 400 over several countries
  15. 15. And, the TigerThere are fewer than 1300 tigers left in India. In the last 10 yearsthey have disappeared from 40 % of their range.
  16. 16. Other Wildlife
  17. 17. Samber Deer
  18. 18. Jackal
  19. 19. Barasingha or Barasinga (Cervus duvaucelii)
  20. 20. Dhole (Cuon alpinus)
  21. 21. Langoor
  22. 22. Sloth Bear
  23. 23. Gharial - fish eating crocodile
  24. 24. Jane Behrend Reservations: tours@royalexpeditions.comNorth America
  25. 25. Royal
  26. 26. Thank You For Joining Us