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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Route 66 to the Atomic West Integrating Curriculum Patrick Moore Charlotte Boling Lauren Basford Karyn Trong
  2. 2. Atomic West on Route 66 19 students, 1 professor, 4 mini-vans 5,000 miles Historic and National Landmarks Cold War history come to life “See America First”
  3. 3. Atomic West on Route 66
  4. 4. The Learning Community Everyone has a job Everyone has assignments Podcasts Next Exit History Everyone reflects on learning Notebooks Discussion
  5. 5. Trip reflections
  6. 6. Charlotte Boling DEAL Model Description, Examination, Articulation of Learning
  7. 7. Lauren BasfordI learned… During the Route 66 to the Atomic West trip this summer, I learned how different communities in the west have drastically changed overtime. Some communities, such as Santa Fe, have a very obvious division between the haves and the have nots. Where people have come in and taken over the people that were already living in that location. I also learned how communities like Los Alamos have conducted research and the role those communities played during the Cold War. I learned this through I learned this through visiting cities across the west and by engaging in conversations with people who have lived in these areas for many years. I also learned all about the cities such as Los Alamos by being able to visit laboratories, talking to scientists, and by visiting local museums. It matters because this is our history. Now that I know I will I want to take what I have learned and put it in my classroom as much as possible. Many of my middle school students have not been out of our area. If I can share with them what I have learned through my travels, I believe they will learn more through that process.
  8. 8. Karyn Trong • Experience of a lifetime • New ways to learn • New ways to teach • Prepared me for the classroom
  9. 9. Liesl Bailey “I used information from both of the immersive classes that I took with Dr.Moore when I taught high school AP US History and Standard US History in Jacksonville, FL. I know that it helped connect with students to have stories and photos about the places that I had visited as we discussed them in their American history textbook. It's more powerful to teach with real world experiences because it helps engage students which in turn helps them remember the history they need to know. I truly believe that engagement helps foster student learning.”
  10. 10. Now What? Integrate content into curriculum
  11. 11. The research project
  12. 12. • We know: Teacher knowledge is the most influential factor in student learning. • We believe: Immersive learning experiences create deeper content knowledge for teachers. • We wonder: Will P12 students who are taught by Atomic West teachers have higher learning gains?
  13. 13. How do the learning gains of students taught by Atomic West teachers differ from those taught by non-Atomic West teachers. What pedagogical techniques are effective teaching practices for integrated interdisciplinary curriculum? The Research Project
  14. 14. Continued collaborations Moore: Lewis and Clark Westward Expansion (Summer 2014) Boling: Integrated Interdisciplinary Curriculum (ESE 6217) Making a Difference
  15. 15. Contacts Patrick Moore - Charlotte Boling - Lauren Basford - Karyn Trong -